Our manifesto

Things started 7 years ago with cultivating the first kilogram of seaweed from the North Sea by three idealists with hard hats. Not with the idea to become commercial farmers. But to unblock the discussion whether it was or wasn’t possible to cultivate seaweed offshore. And it was! Since then our actions, collaborations and ambitions have outgrown our kitchen scale. In 2023, we aim to cultivate 1,000 tons of seaweed on the North Sea by connecting over 100 idealistic, but very realistic North Sea Farmers.

From 2030 onwards, our efforts will lead to 400 km2 of seaweed farms in between offshore wind parks. With the cultivated seaweed, instead of causing carbon emissions, we can reduce up to 1,6 million tons of carbon dioxide. That is massive! And we are saving fresh water while we are at it. On top of that, we are a driving force to improve marine biodiversity and realize a circular economy. All this makes this industry part of our planets future and provides thousands of jobs, at sea and on land.

So why we do it is pretty obvious: we believe in the healing power of seaweed. In its potential impact on nature, on humans, on economy. With it, we want to make this world a better, healthier place to live. A world in which biodiversity thrives, carbon emissions are reduced and our ecological balance is recovered.

How we do it? Together. Because it is so much more fun to pioneer with kindred spirits. And because we believe in the miraculous combination of very different people that transcend sectors and expertise, land and sea. North Sea Farmers take on many shapes, sizes and cultures: we work with governmental institutions, wind park operators, educational institutions, retailers, seaweed farms, fishermen, engineers, marine biologists and many more. This makes us a pretty inclusive bunch; not only towards nature (go biodiversity!), but also towards humans (go solidarity!). Why should we even differentiate the two? Everything is connected anyway.

So how about it? Are you committed to realize a positive climate impact with seaweed? Do you want to stay on top of regional and international developments, while being connected to the EU and UN? Then join our movement, become a North Sea Farmer and be part of the solution!