Why become a farmer?

... 7 reasons to join

After reading about North Sea Farmers, absorbing our manifesto and being inspired by our Farmers,  we understand you are eager to learn more. Below we have listed 7 reasons to join our movement of pioneers:

1. you are part of a dynamic network

Every aspect of the seaweed value chain is represented in the community: from farmers to food developers. Here, they exchange knowledge, find inspiration and share insights. Members of the community have the opportunity to speak and collaborate with many different parties in the value chain. 

2. we offer Inspirational workshops to accelerate the sector

Three times a year, we organize a workshop for all members in our community. Here, we update each other on the latest trends and developments and work on dilemmas; it's a great network opportunity. 

3. you take part in Thematic Working groups to put dilemmas on the agenda

Professionalizing the sector can be complex, resulting in dilemmas that exceed the power of one organisation. These kind of cross-company dilemmas are addressed in our thematic working groups in order to contribute to sector-wide solutions. Members of the community can join these groups. Read more about the working groups!

4. you can collaborate with farmers in various projects

North Sea Farmers is involved in various national and international projects. These projects initiate and incentivize (international) collaboration and co-creation. As a member, you have the opportunity to seek collaboration with the community for current or new projects. Here is an overview of the projects we are involved in

5. you get Access to our library

Every member has access to our Library: an online seaweed library which we developed for our community members. Here, you'll find more than 400 seaweed related articles, presentations and documents on seaweed and multi-use. And it is constantly growing. This library is for Farmers only. 

6. you get Access to research plots at our offshore test site

Would you like to test new seaweed seeds or a harvesting machine at sea? Our offshore test site, 12 km off the coast of Scheveningen, may be a solution. All members can make use of our research plots for offshore testing. Read more here.

7. you recieve Support by our team

A young team of eager experts is here to help you out. Whether you are considering a membership or you have any other question, we'd love to get to know you over a cup of coffee. Let's help each other out!

Yes, I want to join


Are you convinced? Do you want to join our community? great!

The membership requires a yearly contribution that we invest in the seaweed sector and also gives you and your colleagues free access to all the benefits of being a North Sea Farmer. To become one requeres an annual fee, depending on the number of employees your organisation consists of:

  • Micro-company / organisation (<10 employees): €495 p/year
  • Small company / organisation (<50 employees) €1,400 p/year
  • Medium company / organisation (<250 employees) €3,250 p/year
  • Large company / organisation (>250 employees) €7,000 p/year

Organisations with Public Benefit Status (NGOs) receive a 25% discount. Rates valid for 2021.

Besides all these earthly benefits, you will become a proud North Sea Farmer. This means that you are committed to working towards climate impact with seaweed  and by doing so, you are officially part of the solution. We even have a special logo for you to use in your communication and PR-activities!


Yes, I want to join