From movement to sector

When you are building a new sector, you need pioneers. Pioneers who are eager to be part of something new and relevant.  Pioneers who want to set things in motion.

The same goes for building a commercially viable seaweed sector. But we are building more than just a value chain. We are working towards climate solutions with seaweed. This is why we need a movement of pioneering believers. People who are intrinsically motivated to make this world a better place to live. 

For this reason we started our community of Farmers in 2014: a movement of seaweed pioneers, engineers, entrepreneurs, fishermen, researchers, policy makers and many more. Together, we share experiences, develop knowledge and spark inspiration. Consisting of almost 100 organisations, our North Sea Farmers community focusses on professionalising the sector, connecting value chains and accelerating innovation. Will you join our mission for positive climate impact with seaweed? 

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