The best farming technologies

What are the best cultivation and processing techniques for all current and future sea farmers? Commercially viable sea farming requires high-tech machinery and management systems to optimize production. Researchers, engineers, operators, IT developers and others need to collaborate to develop the needed equipment and find a way to make it available for all farmers. It holds the promise for more automation and valorisation in a Dutch-designed industry of sea farming.  

What is required?  

  • More automated farming to conduct real-time monitoring and intervening. 
  • For instance remote monitoring solutions for sea farmers to minimize cost and safety risk 
  • Conduct research pilots for new, large-scale breeding and processing equipment and machinery 
  • Robust systems, suitable for the offshore environment that will support the ecosystems 
  • Cost-effective and commercially viable systems 
  • Strategic Environmental Impact Analysis to calculate climate impact 

What do we do on this topic? 

  • Project ProSeaweed 
  • Project IMPAQT   
  • Project 'Akkerbouw op zee - TCS' 
  • Project 'Seaweed for Innoport Scheveningen' 
  • Research Ecological Impacts on NSIL (part of ProSeaweed) 
  • Working Group Cultivation & Breeding