Healthy markets & applications

What is needed to increase the market potential of seaweeds? The business case for Dutch seaweed starts with safe, local, transparent, high-quality products by EU standards. Even though the European seaweed market is currently small, the worldwide demand for seaweed grows by 9% annually. Utilizing this market potential benefits not only Dutch seaweed entrepreneurs but also customers of seaweed products such as consumers, chefs, food developers, growers, dairy farmers, chemical engineers and energy companies. 

What is required?  

  • Develop standards for seaweed safety and quality of the seaweed products  
  • Map and monitor market trends and developments 
  • Increase market potential of Dutch Seaweed, both nationally and internationally 
  • Increase consumer awareness and move towards a more positive attitude on Dutch seaweed  
  • Find new market entries for Dutch seaweed, both nationally and internationally   

What do we do on this topic? 

  • NEN/CEN developments 
  • Pilot Food Safety 
  • Bio4safe 
  • ValgOrize 
  • Thesis LCA 
  • Working Group Food 
  • Working Group Feed 
  • ProSeaweed