The right production location

What is the best way to use the North Sea for seaweed farming?  For successful seaweed cultivation in The Netherlands, all parties involved need clarity and certainty about production locations. This means that farmers and wind park owners, fishermen and conservationists have to conjointly discover the best ecological and economical solutions for sea farms.  

What is required?  

  • Act in constant consultation with all stakeholders  
  • A clear vision of the government with regard to private investments at sea 
  • A long-term policy of the government that stimulates multi-use initiatives
  • Map factors that affect the choice for production locations 
  • Multifunctional design criteria for wind parks 
  • A procedure for seaweed farmers to include their farm between wind mills  
  • A clear process on applying for permits for farms and wind parks 

What do we do on this topic? 

  • Project 'Seaweed for Innoport Scheveningen'
  • Offshore lab project : 'INTERREG: Wier en wind' 
  • Workgroep Multi-use
  • Aquacultuur Atlas pilot (more info soon)
  • Project H2020 United (more info soon)
  • Risk Register and Multi-Use procedure – TKI Wind op Zee (more info soon)

Photo: by Jareth Sky