sector sessions

In order to accelerate much needed innovations in the sector, we organise various short, single topic events called 'Sector Sessions'. These aim to address thematic cross-company and cross-sector challenges. From European regulations to new Dutch market segments, from cultivation to feed to food. The goals of these sessions -open to all members- are to increase insights in eachother's needs and possibilities, to exchange knowledge and to work on sector-wide solutions. 

These are examples of subjects we adress:


How to combine wind, weed and more? Exploring possibilities for, assessing risks of and finding solutions for multi-use sea space. Not only with regard to seaweed farming, but also with other businesses like mussels, solar energy and shellfish. 


How to get to high-quality starting materials within ecological boundaries? Adressing starting materials as well as developing knowledge on cultivation topics to realise the ambition of Multi-Use sea(weed) farms in the North Sea. This also regards exploring seaweed species that are suited for the North Sea without endangering the natural occurring seaweed stocks.


How to integrate feed (additives) (better) in the market? Adressing how we can ensure a stable foundation to roll out this application in the Netherlands. 


How to get to safe, tasty & high quality seaweed? Working towards recognizable, safe, tasty and high quality seaweeds. By monitoring food safety and quality and stimulating consumer acceptance, we focus on increasing the market and strengthening the revenue model. 


What are the latest studies & trajectories on seaweed? Here, major Dutch knowledge institutions share current and new research trajectories and explore how they can cooperate more effective.