3 October in The Hague 'de Pier' in The Netherlands
 Time to find our Markets!

💡 Discover the seaweed industry's best solutions to inspire markets in food, feed, biostimulants & biomaterials

🤝 Meet over +200 seaweed professionals, sustainability managers, ingredient wholesalers, retailers, foodservice & packaging experts

👉 Engage in meaningful match-making with the most promising market players

🌿 As a market player, get the best overview of the European seaweed industry from its experts

🌱 Taste and discover the latest innovations at Seaweed Expo

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Our keynote Speakers & Experts


Seaweed Ambassador UN Global Compact

"Seaweed is still something unwanted you have in the garden. It's the greatest untapped resource on the planet."


Mayor of the Capitol The Hague & Opening speaker

The Hague welcomes you to North Sea Seaweed 2024, where innovation meets sustainability in the  governmental hub


Policy Officer of the EU Commission

“A thriving EU algae industry could become a flagship and source of inspiration for other industries.”

Donne Slangen

Ministry of Agriculture - Director General Fisheries & Nature. 

"Food should be an important pillar for our North Sea."



Government Deputy Economy & Innovation Province Zuid-Holland

Responsible for Economy and Innovation


CEO BO Akkerbouw

BO Akkerbouw is the central platform and knowledge centre for the Dutch arable chains


CEO at Hortimare & Expert Session Production

"We need focus and work jointly on our most urgent issues. Let’s make a solid plan and stick to it as an industry.”

Joost Wouters

CEO at The Seaweed Company

"It is time to start seeing the seaweed industry as a new branche of agriculture."


CSO at Algaia & Expert Session Biostimulants

"There is a bright future in biostimulants for cultivated seaweeds if we take the right approach.”

DeniZ Ficicioglu

CEO & Co-founder at BettaFish & Expert Session food

"Save the fish in the ocean and get people used to eating seaweed."

Foppe Wiersma

Chief Culinary Officer Seaweed at Food Solutions & Expert Session Food

"It is time to start looking under water for solutions instead on land."

Remko Hol

Chief Commercial Officer at Olijck Food Solutions

"We are close to a breakthrough of seaweed food solutions into mainstream food markets."

Tim Lemeer

Global Vice President Animal Nutrition at Barentz

"With many years experience, we know what to focus on for making seaweed a succes in animal nutrition." 

Ayla de Heney

Seaweed Sourcing & Commercial Account manager at Notpla

"Cultivated seaweeds are the resource  of choice for our future scale-up plans."

Ines Schiller

CEO at Vyld

 "Through seaweed products and steward ownership, we can focus on long-term environmental and economic sustainablity."


Sustainable Business Developer at Rabobank

"The Rabobank wants to accelerate the food and protein transition based on its social commitment."


thursday 3 October

Inspiration Opening Talks

9:30 - 10:00

Why seaweed? Why do we put so much effort in building a European seaweed industry?

Panel Discussion

10:00 - 11:00

How do we implement the EU ambitions for seaweed sector on member state level?

We discuss these questions with policymakers at EU and national level and in a panel discussion. 

Lunch & Networking

11:00 - 13:00

Enjoy the amazing seaweed products from out members during lunch with a view.

Session on Seaweed Production

13:00 - 14:00

Get an overview of today’s seaweed production opportunities & challenges

Get inspired by the stories of pioneering seaweed farmers

Session Seaweed for Food

13:00 - 14:00

Get an overview of today’s opportunities & challenges in seaweed food market

Get inspired by the stories of pioneering seaweed food startups

Session Seaweed for Feed

14:30 - 15:30

Get an overview of today’s opportunities & challenges in seaweed feed market

Get inspired by the stories of pioneering seaweed feed startups as well a main market player

Session Seaweed for Biomaterials

14:30 - 15:30

Get an overview of today’s opportunities & challenges in seaweed biomaterials market

Get inspired by the stories of pioneering seaweed biomaterials startups

Session Seaweed for Biostimulants

14:30 - 15:30

Get an overview of today’s opportunities & challenges in seaweed biostimulant market

Get inspired by the stories of pioneering seaweed biostimulant startups as well a main market player

Match-making & Networking

11:00 - 19:00

At North Sea Seaweed there are dedicated match making sessions. The goal is to meet new clients, investors or partners and introduce your seaweed solution to them.

At the end of the conference, you will go home with follow-up actions, new valuable contacts and new ideas to help grow your business.

Seaweed Expo

11:00 - 19:00

At the Seaweed Expo you will discover latest innovations around seaweed, in the diverse markets: Food, Feed, Biomaterials, Biostimulants and technical innovations around production. Smell, feel and taste the potential that seaweed has to offer!

The exhibition will be opened by our event partner Rabobank, Sander Vroom, Sustainable Business Developer

Royal NNZ Pitch Contest

16:00 - 17:30

Royal NNZ will host a pitch to find collaborators to create the first ever seaweed coating on their jute shoppers.

Be inspired by innovative biodegrable solutions

Dining & Networking

19:00 - 21:30

 On the end of the day a conference diner is organized. Enjoy good food, conversations and views.

Tickets for the conference diner are sold separately and available for all attendees.