Food Tour 2021

Are you eager to learn more about seaweed and North Sea Farmers triggered by the Food Tour? Then you have come to the right place. Scroll down for more information.

Positive climate impact with seaweed

North Sea Farmers is an international non-profit membership organization for the seaweed sector, consisting of approximately one hundred diverse partners throughout the value chain: from businesses (installation, energy suppliers, shipping, manufacturing, trading), leading financial and research institutes and NGO's. NSF works on joint investment projects and knowledge exchange on all aspects of sustainable seaweed cultivation and (food) innovation. Its activities are focused on but not limited to the North Sea. With this we aim to achieve a positive climate impact with seaweed.

Seaweed has a positive impact in many ways. Both as a raw material and through its various applications. It can reduce carbon emissions, strengthen biodiversity and relieve pressure on resources. Seaweed can be used as an animal feed additive, as a natural fertilizer for plants, as a building material, as an alternative to plastic and as an ingredient in food. New applications are in the making as we speak.

Enormous potential for European seaweed

The market in Europe is currently only a fraction of the global market, but the potential is enormous. It is estimated that the market for seaweed as a food application in Europe will triple in the next 10 years. The reason for this expected growth is that it fits very well with current movements such as the growing plant-based market, the market for natural ingredients and trends such as sustainability and healthy nutrition. Read the results of our market study to learn more about the seaweed food market and its potential.

NSF#1: Large-scale offshore seaweed farm

As North Sea Farmers, we stimulate the upscaling of seaweed cultivation through the NSF#1 project: the first large-scale offshore seaweed farm in Europe. This is a crucial step in order to scale up efficiently and responsably. In addition to stimulating production in this project, we also support the market for locally cultivated seaweed. We do this by sharing knowledge and advice (for example in the field of food safety and certification), providing networking opportunities to connect supply and demand, organizing workshops and events and creating exposure for our members.

Click here to get inspired by our seaweed food members and their products.

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