A warm welcome to De Wolven



De Wolven is a PR and communication agency based in Amsterdam. We believe in the power of stories: from organisations, people, brands. Stories with content, large or small and need to be shared with the rest of the world.

With a team of media and communication experts, journalists and marketing professionals, we develop effective communication strategies, concepts and PR campaigns that strengthen the relationship between our customers and their audiences. We do this for meaningful organizations, for clients that we are proud of.

What does de Wolven do best? 

We have a nose for stories, news and timing. Telling the beautiful stories of our clients is our speciality. We share the stories via news channels, campaigns, websites, influencers, and any relevant channel for your target audience.

What is your relation with seaweed?

Besides the fact that we love food in any form, seaweed is also an excellent solution for many environmental issues. It contributes to a better world, and that's the reason we want to be part of this journey

What makes you a North Sea Farmer? 

I grew up on a horse farm, so  farming is somehow in my blood. I have to say that I lack sea legs. But as told earlier, our speciality is communications and that we can do from the land.    

Imagine 400km2 of seaweed farms in the North Sea. What will your role be in this?

Helping by growing the communication: informing, exciting and engaging new partners and collaborations

What could other North Sea Farmers approach you for?

Any communication questions you have, we will be more than happy to help you. Reach out to us!