Meet our North Sea Farmer NoordOogst Aquaponics


About NoordOogst Aquaponics

NoordOogst Aquaponics is a small scale Groningen based company that wants to make a contribution to the sustainable solution of food issues in a creative, innovative way.
For this we conduct research and develop various aquaponics concepts. Ultimately, our goal is to develop the farm of the future. At the moment, the focus is on marine aquaponics, because we are convinced that the future lies in saline food concepts.

NoordOogst Aquaponics works according to the principles of the local production, short chain, nature inclusion, sustainability and circularity. NoordOogst is a social enterprise aiming at social impact. Less hunger in the future is paramount. We therefore endorse the social enterprises code. We work closely with knowledge institutes, education and partners who share the same values.

In the quest for a closed saline circular system we have experimented with fish, shrimps, sea veggies and of course seaweed. What we do you might call IMTA, albeit on or near shore. At the moment we are involved in several feasabibilty studies, in which we cooperate with Hanze University for Applied Studies Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein. We are also involved in a project called the Dubbele Dijk in Delfzijl. Here we explore the possibilities of future saline farming and the combination of salt tolerant agriculture and mariculture.

NoordOogst Aquaponics looks for partners that also want to develop knowledge on the field of future saline farming. Would you like to get in touch with Noord Oogst Aquaponics, contact them at  

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Noordoogst founder Erik Moesker showing a sugar kelp trial in Groningen