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What does Barentz Animal Nutrition do? 

With rising population levels, it is more important than ever to use our scarce resources more efficiently and start thinking more holistically about circularity in the food chain. Animals play an important role in this, and as such, we can make a powerful impact through clever solutions applied through their nutrition. Whether we like it or not, animal products are an important factor in meeting the world’s future food demand. Meat, dairy and eggs are the most straightforward examples of this, but also the manure produced from farming animals is essential to fertilize our fields and grow other crops for human consumption.

As Barentz Animal Nutrition we offer a wide range of ingredients and concepts in order to improve feed efficiency, raise productivity, reduce waste and contribute to the animal health and wellbeing. All to help achieve maximum output, with minimum input. We do this with functional- and nutritional ingredients. Every feed formulation is different, and our specialists can help you find the right combination of ingredients.

Why is Barentz Animal Nutrition active in Seaweed?

Since 4 years Barentz is active in Seaweed and is offering a unique blend of brown, green and red marine macroalgae (seaweed). This specific chosen blend is offering prebiotic fibres that improve microbiome balance and digestive efficiency in animals by selectively targeting beneficial gut bacteria.  In simple words:  it basically feeds the good gut bacteria and therefore improves the health and performance of the animal.  Since we are discovering more about the mode of action of seaweed, we are getting more enthusiastic about Seaweed. It really has a big potential, but we are still in the discovering phase. Therefore, we do several practical trials as you can see in the pictures.  

What would Barentz Animal Nutrition like to achieve?
  • In order to help creating a market for seaweed, a big chunk of our current seaweed blends is still coming out of Asia.  Our final goal is to source as much as possible from our waters in Europe and therefore our North Sea community could be of big help 😊  
  • Next to that we would like to be a frontrunner in seaweed solutions improving the gut health and therefore performance of the animal. As this is still an unexplored field, we need more people researching seaweed! Together we can achieve more!
  • Barentz is also working on the more environmental issues like methane reduction of cows. As farmers so far don’t have commercial incentives in order to reduce methane production, we really believe in combining the benefits of seaweed. While feeding your animal with seaweed for gut health, also having a positive impact on methane reduction sounds nice right? 

We are always open for sharing knowledge or collaborate so do not hesitate to contact us!


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Tim Lemeer & Koen Kromhof

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