Must read: we have a new manager


We are very pleased to announce that from May 1st 2021 Bas de Leeuw will start as manager at North Sea Farmers. He will succeed Koen van Swam.

Bas de Leeuw brings experience from his previous role as managing director of the World Resources Forum and his work at the Dutch government, OECD and UN. His national and European network with companies, NGOs, science and media is extensive. Realizing commercial and governmental commitment for new resources, their production processes and go-to-market has been central in Bas’ work. For his efforts and results he is elected as member of the Club of Rome.

We (the supervisory board and executive team of North Sea Farmers) have had many talks this last month to recruit and select a new ma nager. Marlies Draisma of North Sea Farmers shares: “We are very proud to have found a candidate that fits our ambition. Bas de Leeuw has the experience and network to step up our game. He wants to seize the opportunities to make seaweed mainstream by connecting the economic and ecological drivers between companies, governments and NGOs.”

Bas de Leeuw is eager to start at North Sea Farmers: “The moment I walked in their offices at the Zeestraat in The Hague I felt the passion and energy of this amazing team. When we started talking I discovered their deep expertise and strong commitment to mainstream seaweed consumption and production. Fifty years ago the Club of Rome report showed limits to growth and the need to do thin gs differently to feed the world's population. Now for me, after many years of inspiring others to take action, I can roll up my sleeves and make things happen, together with the fine people of the North Sea Farmers community.”. Bas will personally introduce himself at our community event on June 10th.