Meet our offshore test site manager

Meet Zinzi, she is the OTS-manager, and our expert when it comes to innovation in an offshore environment. At North Sea Farmers, Zinzi manages the activities at the OTS, on a daily basis. Zinzi underlines the necessity of testing in offshore conditions:

“The Offshore Test Site is a crucial part in the scale-up of offshore solutions that will make positive climate impact". 

Zinzi elaborates on the great possibilities the OTS has: “Not only seaweed is being cultivated here, but did you know currently floating solar panels and artificial reefs are being tested.”

Zinzi will be your contact person if you run a pilot at the OTS. She will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Not only will she provide technical support, but she has a great portion of positivity, helping you through the sometimes challenging days!

Interested to test your solutions?

The Offshore Test Site is accessible for everybody who wants to pilot new technologies or test blue innovations for upscaling, such as co-use of wind farms. If you want to start commercial activity offshore, this is the place to start! As North Sea Farmers we have a permit (Waterwet) until 31 December 2028 for using this area of North Sea to accelerate innovations in the field of sustainable multi-use by facilitating and supporting innovative test projects. Get in touch with Zinzi, she will help you out if you have any remaining questions.