Aquaculture Atlas

What is the project about?

The Atlas aims to help people review locations for offshore seaweed cultivation in the Dutch North Sea. This project aims to showcase the opportunities of seaweed cultivation on the Dutch North Sea for entrepreneurs and investors by designing a digital Atlas.

Why is this important? 

The seaweed sector in the Netherlands is fairly new. Most of the seaweed farmers who started over the last years, are relative small producers, that operate nearshore. If the sector wants to grow, and enlarge the positive impact seaweed can have on many levels, the sector needs to scale up. Nearshore, but also (and mostly) offshore; since the offshore area in the Netherlands is a lot bigger than the nearshore areas.

In order to spark the imagination of seaweed interested entrepreneurs and to showcase the possibilities of offshore seaweed cultivation on the Dutch North sea, Stichting Noordzeeboerderij, Deltares and Informatiehuis Marien took the first steps in designing an Aquaculture Atlas: an interactive map that enables entrepreneurs and investors to see for themselves which locations are suitable for seaweed cultivation at sea. 

What are the objectives? 

  • Research the relevant factors for promising locations, such as temperature, current velocity, presence of nutrients, depth and spatial planning.
  • Integrate this data in an online, interactive digital map of the North Sea that shows which areas are potentially suited for seaweed cultivation. 
  • Design a printable poster of the Atlas to share with stakeholders and create awareness on offshore seaweed cultivation possibilities

What do we do in this project? 

Stichting Noordzeeboerderij supported carrying out the project, together with Deltares and Informatiehuis Marien with gathering data through expert interviews and data analyses. The ambition is to develop a more extensive map that goes beyond the Dutch North Sea, such as sheltered areas and the Belgian North Sea.

What are the results so far? 

The online, interactive map is ready and accessible via the website of Informatiehuis Marien (2017); the poster of the Atlas is ready and can be downloaded below (2017). 

Visit INteractive map Download poster 

Since the project results in 2017; new insights have emerged on the seaweed cultivation potential in Dutch North Sea by knowledge institutions. For instance this press release in 2019 of WUR.

This project suits our priority… 

Production locations, Markets & Applications

Who else are involved? 

Deltares and Informatiehuis Marien

Finance: n.a
Partners: 3 
Period: 01/2017 - 12/2017 
Contact: Koen van Swam