Multi-use procedure:

a detailed flowchart

Offshore wind farms are complex industrial areas with a lot of regulations to ensure a safe and predictable electricity production. In addition, they are situated in the North Sea, a challenging environment in many respects. Therefore, safe and constructive cooperation between a Wind Farm Operator (WFO) and a Multi-Use Operator (MUO) in the same area requires detailed alignment on almost every aspect of both parties’ activities. This Multi-Use Procedure (MUP) provides a clear framework for both MUO and WFO to achieve such an alignment. Or not. Following the MUP may also make clear that the intended Multi-Use is not viable for whatever reason. That may be a disappointment but at least you will have reached this conclusion based on factual argumentation and this gives both parties a clear direction for improvements where needed.

The MUO and WFO together will follow the Multi-Use Procedure with the aim of reaching a (written) agreement on their detailed operational alignment for Multi-Use. This will be done prior to the permit application by the MUO. With such an agreement the outcome of the permit application process will become much more predictable for the MUO. As an added benefit the WFO will also know exactly who is doing the permit application and what their intention is. Finally, the permit issuing government body should in principle get more permit applications that have a high chance of being granted and this will save everybody time. A win-win situation for all involved, that’s the purpose of the Multi-Use Procedure! 

The multi-use procedure entails four important steps:

  1. Identify a suitable wind farm location
  2. Engaging with wind farm operator - Preparation
  3. Towards an agreement with the Wind Farm Operator
  4. Final preparations for your permit application

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