North Sea Farm #1 

What is the project about?

We are building the first commercial large-scale ocean farm in a wind park, starting 2023. We will scale up to eventually 160ha in order to work towards a profitable farm.

What is the nSF #1 project about?

Together with Van Oord, The Seaweed Company and Algaia, we are planning to build the first commercial scale ocean farm in a wind park, starting 2023. With installing a 40ha plot in 2022, the plan is to scale up to a commercial demonstrator of 160ha: large enough to make it into a profitable seaweed farm with a yield of app. 1,000 tonnes wet seaweed per year. The exact location of the North Sea Farm #1 is still to be determined, depending on the permitting process.


Why is this important?

This is a 'foot in the door' project; it will show our members, stakeholders, markets and the world that it can be done, if we do it together. It will teach us what it entails to sustainably and profitably farm offshore.  Next to this, the first 40ha farm will allow us to research and test important aspects of offshore farming in a wind park: installation technology, safety, monitoring, biodiversity, seaweed growth, transport, nutricional aspects, processing, etc. This is crucial in order to scale up efficiently and responsably.




What are the objectives?

Setting up a consortium with companies who execute core activities, in order to develop & implement 160 ha ocean seaweed farm within a wind park with a yield of 1,000 tonnes wet seaweed per year based on sustainable and nature inclusive starting points.




What do we do in this project?

North Sea Farmers is, in its role as seaweed sector organization, the initiator and project lead of NSF#1. We connect supply, demand and research institutes, we align the project with local governmental and EU policy & regulations and we safeguard the projects' sustainable ambitions.

What are the results so far?

Together with 4 partners we are currently working towards signing a consortium agreement beginning of 2022. Parallel we are developing a project plan to outline the activities involved. 

Who else are involved?

We are supported by the financial advisors of Green Giraffe and by impact investors Invest-NL.

Time: May 2021 till 2025 (or onwards)
Contact: Eef Brouwers