Ocean Greens

What is the project about? 

Creating a cookbook that inspires consumers the versatile character of seaweed in the kitchen! 

Why is this important? 

The need for sustainable foods is growing tremendously. The population in the growing is growing faster than we can grow food. Climate change has a major effect on food production, considering the scarcity of fresh water, destroying land surface suitability for production and many more. Meat products have proven to be a major strain on the climate as well. We need to switch to food sources that are sustainable and plant-based. Seaweed has proven to be one of the most sustainably cultivated ‘crops’ worldwide. Therefore, inspiring consumers to get creative with seaweed in the kitchen and increase seaweed consumption can have a major impact. 

What are the objectives? 

  • Inspire consumers to get creative with seaweed
  • Increase the demand for plant-based food, like seaweed

What do we do in this project? 

Together with Lisette Kreischer and Marcel Schuttelaar, North Sea Farmers helped in the realisation of this book. We supported in the content creation where needed.



Photo: Lisette Kreischer