Seaweed for Innoport Scheveningen

What is the project about?  

Business development for Scheveningen and stimulating industriousness in the The Hague region regarding seaweed. This project is a prolongation of a previous project called ‘Zeewier voor Scheveningen’ and is part of a bigger trajectory: the realisation of the Offshore Test Site.  

Why is this important? 

The municipality of The Hague is looking for new business activities for a strong social and economic region. The characteristics of Scheveningen harbour make it the perfect location for innovating in the North Sea, having both easy and quick access to the open sea as well as being situated in the heart of the economic zone: the Randstad. Over the years, the fishing business has been declining in Scheveningen and the municipality embraces the potential of seaweed to fill the gaps with an innovative business like the seaweed industry.

What are the objectives? 

  • Strengthen the only offshore incubator in the North Sea: the Offshore Test Site and move towards self-sufficiency
  • Continue collaboration between research, demonstration and business development 
  • Increase business activities in the port of Scheveningen by means of seaweed business 
  • Contribute to the overall objectives of Innoport Scheveningen  

What do we do in this project? 

This project combines research in seaweed, business development for seaweed and demonstrations with seaweed to bring business to the region.  

What are the results so far? 

Phase 1 is completed; a start has been made with business development and the realisation of the test site is achieved. Several pilots are currently being carried out.  

Who else are involved? 

Van der Zwan, Ministry of Infrastructure, province Zuid-Holland, municipality of The Hague, Rabobank Innovatiefonds Regio Den Haag 

Finance: n.a (yearly €75.000 for 4 years) 
Partners: 6 
Time: 2017-2020  
Contact: Koen 
Website: n.a.

Photo: North Sea Farmers