Opportunities for seaweed start-ups

What is the project about?

Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, this project advises the government on strengthening and increasing the prospects of succeeding for these 'seaweed entrepreneurs’ in the Netherlands. In total, 11 entrepreneurs were interviewed about the opportunities and obstacles they face within the seaweed sector.

Why is this important?

The Dutch seaweed sector is developing. To reach a commercial scale, in which sufficient seaweed is produced to make a real climate impact, more seaweed farmers and seaweed entrepreneurs are needed: they make the difference! But sea-agriculture is still relatively new compared to land-agriculture. There are no clear laws and regulations, or places where you can come for advice. This project responds to this by increasing prospects of succeeding for these 'seaweed entrepreneurs’ in the Netherlands.

Seaweed starters are the human capital of a strong seaweed sector, fittingly with the maritime and agri-food sector for which we, the Netherlands, are famous. By supporting them, we create new green jobs that contribute to the blue economy of the Netherlands.

What are the objectives?

Researching the opportunities and obstacles of starting seaweed entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with the following research question: “Which opportunities should be better highlighted and which obstacles should be tackled first in order to support the seaweed entrepreneurs most effectively in the next years? 

What are we doing in this project?

Stichting Noordzeeboerderij is the project owner and implementer and is therefore responsible for all tasks within the project, including conducting a desk study, drawing up an interview protocol, conducting interviews with entrepreneurs, reporting and analysing interviews and developing advice and next steps.

What are the results?

The project is completed. The report provides an overview of opportunities and barriers for seaweed entrepreneurs who are starting their business. This report (Kansen en Belemmeringen voor Zeewierstarters) is in Dutch.

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This project fits our priorities ...

Production locations; Farming & Technology; Markets & Applications

What other parties are involved in this project?

This project was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Finance: €20.000
Partners: 0
Period: 2017
Contact: Koen van Swam