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a circular value chain

Why seaweed? Because it has a large potential on many levels: it can improve health, biodiversity, climate and the environment. With its applications, we work on a sustainable and circular value chain. These are our ambitions:


We have the drive to build an economically healthy sector. Our efforts and those of our members will lead to responsible and inclusive business opportunities, innovations, jobs and overall growth of a new sector.

 improve our quality of life

Seaweed and it's many applications can potentially improve our quality of life and that of our planet. As a pharmaceutical ingredient, a plant based proteine, a biodegradable plastic, a cosmetic, sustainable cloting, a construction material... the possibilities of seaweed are countless.

Reduce carbon emissions

Growing seaweed and using it in all possible applications offers great potential to reduce carbon emissions. While it grows, seaweed produces oxygen. It also absorbes carbon dioxide, just like trees on land. Applications with seaweed can be used as a substitute for high emission resources. As a result, it can reduce or even mitigate these emissions. This offers interesting potential for climate impact.

be part of a Circular economy

To us, contributing to sustainable entrepreneurship is essential. It allows businesses to become future proof by using sustainable, circular resources like seaweed.


Our members, North Sea Farmers, come in all sorts and sizes.  People, companies and interests are being connected for pioneeringl collaborations. From seaweed farmers, wind park operators, food producers, fishermen and policy makers to environmental institutions.
We connect supply and demand in the value chain and speed up innovations.

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We act - to show things that are thought to be impossible. We do this with a positive, inclusive and fact-based approach. Accessible for everybody who wants to pioneer with new technologies or test marine innovations for upscaling. Are you looking for a test location to pilot activities offshore? Then this is the place to start.

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