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Successful seaweed harvest operation on the North Sea

27/06/2022 - The Wier&Wind project has successfully completed the first automated harvesting operation on its seaweed pilot installation on the North Sea. Succesfully bringing all pieces of the puzzle together into a functioning production system is an important milestone for the Wier&Wind project but also for the European seaweed sector. This pilot proves that sustainable seaweed cultivated can be successful in offshore conditions.

Introducing Origin by Ocean

23/05/2022 - Origin by Ocean, founded in 2019, is a platform-based algae refining company. Our patented biorefining process makes it possible to extract valuable bio-based chemicals from harvested invasive algae and ecologically farmed seaweed. The organic algae-based products can substitute conventional chemical ingredients in food & beverage, cosmetics, hygiene, textiles and many other goods and materials.

Submit your entry now for the Seagriculture Innovation Awards

18/05/2022 - Are you a seaweed innovator, researcher or startup? Do you have something to show the world of science and technology? Then we have great news for you! During Seagriculture EU in Bremerhaven (Germany) on 29-30 June, you can compete for the Innovation Award, powered by North Sea Farmers. International seaweed experts from academia and industry will select 3 nominees who offer, according to the jury, the most innovative product, service or invention. In total 3 Innovation Awards will be presented by the jury: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


11/05/2022 - Are you a university or college student with an interest in sustainability, innovation management and offshore seaweed production? Do you want to work for a better climate, a circular economy and sustainable development with seaweed? Then we are looking for you!

Vacancy: Communications Advisor

04/05/2022 - Seaweed is increasingly seen as a nature-based solution for climate change and as an essential part of other sustainable innovations. North Sea Farmers works on developing knowledge and experience on offshore cultivation, and developing markets both in food and non-food applications such as feed, fertilizers, biofuel, bioplastics and other biobased materials. As an innovative European sector organisation we raise awareness, improve access to information and research and contribute to international and national policies and standards. We facilitate joint industry projects, and organise conferences and networking events, building on an active member network with actors from the entire value chain.

Does co-cultivation of seaweed and mussels on ropes bring mutual benefits?

29/04/2022 - More and more seaweed farmers are looking for locations to produce seaweed off shore and nearshore. Former studies of HZ University of Applied Sciences have shown that the available space in the Southwestern Delta of the Netherlands is very limited for these kind of food production. It turns out that most possibilities to be used for seaweed faming lies in using the open space (30% not used) at mussel rope cultures plots.

Introducing Simply Blue Group

04/04/2022 - We are happy to introduce to you Simply Blue Group; blue economy project developers working with the ocean on solutions to climate change.

North Sea Farmers focuses on innovative applications of seaweed

28/03/2022 - Cooperation between young seaweed sector and the province of South Holland emphasizes confidence in opportunities for regional development

Are you our new Coordinator Seaweed Markets?

22/02/2022 - Are you the person that wants to know how the seaweed sector and all its applications and markets works? Do you like to connect with stakeholders to learn about the latest developments? Are you eager to identify bottlenecks in the sector in order to find solutions that work? Are you a natural in using your background in Natural sciences to come up with pragmatic solutions? Then we may be looking for you!

New offshore seaweed cultivation system in place

16/02/2022 - Last Thursday, the Interreg Wier&Wind project partners installed the newly developed seaweed cultivation system at the Offshore Test Site of North Sea Farmers. Following a week full of rough weather at sea, the conditions settled just enough to go out and perform the installation of the seaweed cultivation system and two innovative eco-anchors.