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We are looking for a Seaweed Cultivation Hero intern!

31/03/2021 - We have a position open for a Seaweed Cultivation Hero. Do you want to be part of the solution? Then join us in building a sustainable seaweed sector and become intern at our Offshore Test Site!

Barentz Animal Nutrition, proud North Sea Farmer

30/03/2021 - Meet Barentz Animal Nutrition, a company which offers a wide range of ingredients and concepts in order to improve feed efficiency, raise productivity, reduce waste and contribute to the animal health and wellbeing. So what makes them a North Sea Farmer? Read all about it here!

BlueBlocks, our newest North Sea Farmer

29/03/2021 - Meet BlueBlocks! A cleantech start-up that develops new biobased materials for circular applications. The company is based in Rotterdam in BlueCity, where we do research in the lab and have a small production space.

Meet our North Sea Farmer NoordOogst Aquaponics

15/03/2021 - Meet NoordOogst Aquaponics: a small scale company, based in Groningen, that wants to make a contribution to the sustainable solution of food issues in a creative, innovative way. We are happy to introduce this proud North Sea Farmer to you!

Vacancy: Manager North Sea Farmers

10/03/2021 - Do you want to be part of the solution? Then join us in building a sustainable seaweed sector and become our new manager.

Seaweed market study shows: European demand for seaweed exceeds production

04/03/2021 - We had a market study and consumer research conducted by Mountainview Research. It illustrates the ambitions of a large group of businesses when it comes to seaweed.

A warm welcome to De Wolven

22/02/2021 - We would like to welcome our newest North Sea Farmer to the community: De Wolven. De Wolven is a PR and communication agency based in Amsterdam. 

World first: Combining offshore seaweed and solar energy production

03/12/2020 - We are very proud to tell you that we have world’s first offshore seaweed and solar energy production combined in our Offshore Test Site. Projects as these are important steps towards multi-use seaweed farms in the North Sea.

Educate to protect our Ocean

30/11/2020 - Dos started his sea-advocacy with showcasing his beautiful pictures he took during diving. But as time passed, the changes taking place in our ocean required a different approach: "What if you can show the beauty of the ocean, and educate individuals how to live in a way which is positive for the ocean and our planet?" The Sea First Foundation was born. With the credo Educate to Protect, Sea First gives you practical solutions for a healthier ocean.

Bio4safe – important steps towards offshore seaweed cultivation

25/11/2020 - As you might have heard during our online Community Event last month, we have been working in the Interreg project Bio4safe: using seaweed biostimulants to reduce water and fertilizer inputs in agri- and horticulture. Read here what this means for our ambitions to implement large scale seaweed cultivation in the North Sea.