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Meet Roffa Reefs

10/01/2022 - We have another new member at North Sea Farmers. Please welcome Roffa Reefs...

Goodbye from Lotte

22/12/2021 - Lotte will be leaving North Sea Farmers after three years. Read more here.

Update on the standardization process for algae

30/11/2021 - As North Sea Farmers, we are actively involved in the standardization committee ‘algae and algae products’ to provide input on the development of standards on behalf of the seaweed sector. In this article you'll find the most relevant developments for the seaweed sector.

Meet Seaweed Scale-up

30/11/2021 - Say hi to the Seaweed Scale-up - a climate tech start-up (cooperation) in the blue economy that will farm and biorefine seaweed in Europe. Learn more here!

Meet Lentiz!

29/11/2021 - Welcome Lentiz to the North Sea Farmers community. Lentiz Education Group provides pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO), general secondary education (HAVO), pre-university education (VWO) and senior secondary vocational education (MBO). Read more about what makes Lentiz a true North Sea Farmer!

The Dutch Weed Burger, say Hi!

22/11/2021 - Get to know one of our North Sea Farmers: The Dutch Weed Burger. What started as a road movie on seaweed and plant-based food, became a delicious culthit.

Word jij onze nieuwe stagiair Communicatie?

01/11/2021 - Ben jij een wo- of hbo-student met interesse in duurzaamheid, innovatie en communicatie? Wil je je inzetten voor een beter klimaat, de voedseltransitie en een circulaire economie? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

Erasmus MC, seaweed and health!

01/11/2021 - Meet Erasmus MC - North Sea Farmer! The main mission of the laboratory of the department of internal medicine laboratories is to “pioneer innovation in research, education and care by bringing science to the patient”.


26/10/2021 - Are you a university or college student with an interest in sustainability, innovation and offshore seaweed production? Do you want to work for a better climate, the food transition and a circular economy? Then we are looking for you!

Meet ZJÍ Sea Wellness!

25/10/2021 - Walking along the high tide line came the idea of ZJÍ, the pure(nth) line of marine cosmetics. ZJÍ cares about the sea. Sustainability, a clean sea and respect for people and nature are central to our business operations.