Seaweed Highlights

Direct seeding has never before yielded good results, until now

17/05/2024 - This week we brought in around 70kg Dutch Saccharina Latissima. The seaweed was cultivated as part of the ZeewierSEEDER project, which aims to develop an automatized method to direct seed nets for large scale offshore cultivation.

North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site now has a 500 m safety zone

17/05/2024 - Working offshore means that safety is the number one priority 👨‍🔧 🌊 . Now the North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site (OTS) - located 6 miles off the coast of Scheveningen and the largest offshore test site in Europe - has taken a leap forward in safety! At each corner of the site there used to be a Cardinal buoy, which indicated how to sail past the OTS, theoretically close to all kinds of test structures.

New member Tekkoo grows circular and impact enterprises

13/05/2024 - New member Tekkoo aims to grow circular and impact businesses in the seaweed sector. The circular economy innovator does this not only by mentoring these businesses, but by actually participating in the seaweed sector.

First speakers North Sea Seaweed 2024 announced

25/03/2024 - North Sea Seaweed is the annual seaweed event organised by the North Sea Farmers, with this year's theme: Regenerative Horizon. During the two-day event in The Hague, leading speakers from the seaweed industry will present the latest findings and lead the discussion on the future of the seaweed sector. The first speakers are announced.

Meet our new Offshore Test Site Manager, Lennard IJpma

21/03/2024 - North Sea Farmers has a new Offshore Test Site (OTS) Manager: Lennard IJpma. Lennard is the point of contact for current pilots in the North Sea, our expert when it comes to innovation in an offshore environment. He manages the activities at the OTS on a daily basis.

Press Release - Simply Blue Group joins NSF#1 consortium

14/03/2024 - Simply Blue Group, a blue economy project developer headquartered in Ireland, has joined the North Sea Farm 1 Project (NSF1) consortium to develop the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located within an offshore windfarm. Positioned off the coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea, the 10ha farm is planned to become operational in autumn this year when it will be deployed and seeded, with the first harvest expected to be in spring 2025.

Member Koastal equips fishermen to cultivate seaweed

08/03/2024 - Koastal, located in Gothenborg Sweden, contributes to the expansion of seaweed cultivation in a special way. They enthuse fishermen to set up, operate and scale seaweed farms during the low season for fishing. To help them, Koastal aggregates and certifies their seaweed production to result in the best product-market fit for large-scale buyers.

Registering for North Sea Seaweed 2024 is now open: buy your early bird ticket now

29/02/2024 - On Thursday 3 October we will transform the Pier Scheveningen (NL) into a real seaweed pavilion where all members of the seaweed sector can showcase their innovations to investors, market parties, seaweed entrepreneurs from outside the network and policy makers.

New member Rabobank supports businesses across the seaweed chain

16/02/2024 - Rabobank recently joined the North Sea Farmers network. The bank, which has roots in the agri-food sector, wants to accelerate the food and protein transition based on its social commitment. Reason why it wants to support members of North Sea Farmers with its network, knowledge and financial solutions.

Building the Seaweed Industry Roadmap 2050, showing the future of seaweed

08/02/2024 - Following the Seaweed Sector Roadmap 2022, developed within the INTERREG Wier & Wind project, and a 10-point Action Plan 2030, developed in 2023, North Sea Farmers aims this year to consolidate a Seaweed Industry Roadmap 2050 for seaweed production and the markets feed, food, biostimulants and biomaterials. In the coming months we will be organising several Sector Sessions for the surrounding markets.