Seaweed Highlights


04/12/2023 - Are you looking for a challenging internship where you can work on a sustainable and innovative seaweed industry? Do you want to contribute to a better climate, sustainable food production, and a circular economy? Than an internship at North Sea farmers is perfect for you. Start from January 2024.

Healthy Seaweed Co Limited promotes healthy living and increases the income of seaweed farmers

01/12/2023 - New member Healthy Seaweed Co Limited is a social enterprise in Tanzania that processes and produces seaweed products that can be added to food and consumed directly. Their aim is to promote healthy living through the local consumption of seaweed and to increase the income of women seaweed farmers in Tanzania.

Sector Session Lessons Learnt Design Standard Seaweed Farms & NSF#1 on 7 December

24/11/2023 - On Thursday 7 December we will organise the (online) Sector Session Lessons Learnt Design Standard Seaweed Farms & NSF#1 on. This will be a Sector Session specifically around North Sea Farm 1, the first offshore seaweed farm between windmills.

Innovative AMMON Project Launched for Sustainable Use of the North Sea

23/11/2023 - A promising collaboration of leading organizations, supported by a Kansen voor West grant, announces the launch of an ambitious project named AMMON - Autonomous Monitoring for Multi-use On the North Sea. This project aims to significantly reduce vessel movements for monitoring purposes, focusing on cutting vessel costs, emissions, and enhancing safety.

Wavy Wonders makes filling snacks we feel good about

16/11/2023 - New member Wavy Wonders makes healthy and filling seaweed snacks that are conquering more and more stores in Europe and hopefully the US in the near future. Founder Thomas Thulesen tells us about the successes and challenges of Wavy Wonders.

The Sector Sessions 'Funding Opportunities' helps you with funding

16/11/2023 - Last Thursday, we organised the Sector Session ‘Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives’. In this pilot, we jointly discussed eleven funding opportunities that the EU will be offering in the near future. The session was positive and will be followed up three or four times a year.

Sector Session Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives

07/11/2023 - On Thursday 9 November we will organise the Sector Session 'Funding opportunities for seaweed initiatives', from 10.00 - 12.00 CET. The EU offers funding opportunities on a regular basis that could be of interest to the seaweed sector. For the upcoming deadline period, we've selected a number of opportunities that could be of interest for you as seaweed stakeholders.

GoodZero connects companies to high-impact carbon credit projects

03/11/2023 - New member GoodZero connects companies to high-impact carbon credit projects that aid in the fight against climate change. They believe offsetting of unavoidable emissions should be the final step in the decarbonization journey.

Summary fact-finding sector session on single-use plastic (SUPS)

27/10/2023 - Can we use seaweed-based plastics to replace SUP in Europe? This was the question we discussed at the last sector meeting on 12 October 2023. The question is related to action point 4 of the 10-point action plan 2030.

Save the date: Upcoming Sector Sessions

26/10/2023 - Three more online Sector Sessions are planned in the coming weeks, in which we will share knowledge on current topics from the seaweed sector. On 2 and 23 November, and 7 December. Free for members.