Seaweed Highlights

Pitch your innovative seaweed packaging or food product at the Seaweed Innovation Challenge

06/03/2023 - Do you have an innovative packaging or food product made from seaweed? A totally new concept that you think can convince European packaging or food markets? Or an outstanding packaging solution or tasty, nutritious food product already on these markets but it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Then we are looking for you! Join the NSF Seaweed Innovation Challenge and let us help you to get more seaweed onto European markets and to consumers.

Amazon financiert 's werelds eerste zeewierboerderij op commerciële schaal gelegen in een offshore

16/02/2023 - Amazon kondigt vandaag aan dat het 's werelds eerste zeewierboerderij op commerciële schaal tussen offshore windturbines financiert. Het project, bekend als North Sea Farm 1, wordt gebouwd in een windmolenpark op zee voor de kust van Nederland. Het heeft als doel om zeewierteelt te testen en te verbeteren, en tegelijkertijd onderzoek te doen naar het potentieel van zeewierboerderijen om koolstof vast te leggen.

Amazon funds the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located between offshore wind turbines

16/02/2023 -  Amazon today announced it is funding the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located between offshore wind turbines. The project, known as North Sea Farm 1, will be located in a wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.

This is how scaling up the seaweed sector looks like

06/02/2023 - ​​​​​​​What is the potential of European seaweed production? What will be the economic, social and environmental impacts of scaling up? And how can the seaweed sector look in 2030, 2040 and 2050? Answers you will find in the interactive roadmap of North Sea Farmers, a visual tool as result of the collaboration during the project Wier&Wind.

‘As raw material seaweed is versatile’

31/01/2023 - Seaweed as a raw material. Industrial designer Marjanne Cuypers, fell in love with it long ago. She uses it in her start-up BlueBlocks to manufacture biomaterials and circular products that make the construction industry (interior and exterior) more sustainable. She is fellow member and one of the participants of the newly opened exhibition Weed in Muzee Scheveningen.

Seaweed speaker Joost Wouters: 'I can put all my energy and creativity in seaweed'

30/01/2023 - He has been speaking for much longer, but from now on you can also hire Joost Wouters, Sea EO of The Seaweed Company, as a professional seaweed speaker. He does this as part of The Seaweed Company to share the seaweed story to a wider audience. An important step in his view. As important as making the chain reliable and transparent and taking the consumer along step by step.

Sector Session (webinar) over Food, Safety & Allergens of Seaweed

13/01/2023 - As a novel food, there is still a lot to learn about how to use seaweed as a food ingredient. Wageningen Foods Safety Research (WUR) recently conducted research about these topics in seaweed. During the next Sector Session on Tuesday 24th of January, WUR and Allergenen Consultancy will update members on the most recent results and developments in food research and allergens more specifically.

New Year’s Celebration at Muzee Scheveningen

10/01/2023 - The New Year’s Celebration of North Sea Farmers will be held at Muzee Scheveningen on Thursday the 26th of January. Members only. The party will be combined with the sparkling new exhibition called WEED. A part of the program will be also online.

Introducing OceanWide Seaweed

16/12/2022 - OceanWide Seaweed, our newest member, developed an innovative and sustainable seaweed farming method, which allows large scale and profitable cultivation of the red algae Dulse. This farming method applies a microporous net structure and enhances the growth rates considerably, while reducing biofouling. They are interested in establishing collaborations, to commercialize their growth modules and distributing their harvested Palmaria Palmata.

EU selected United partners as key innovators

15/12/2022 - North Sea Farmers, FuE Kiel (Forschungs- und Entwicklung Fachhoschule Kiel GmbH) and Ghent University (Universiteit Gent) have been selected as ‘key innovators’ by the European Commission. With this nomination, we join the 9000+ EU-funded innovations already showcased on the platform. The aim is to make information about EU-funded innovations from high-quality projects visible and accessible to the public via the EU's Innovation Radar platform.