Seaweed Highlights

I-AM specialises in versatile, intelligent mobile robotic platforms and subsystems

24/10/2023 - Please welcome our newest North Sea Farmer: I-AM Innovation Center B.V. Based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, I-AM is a start-up that develops and sells versatile, intelligent robotic mobile platforms and subsystems designed to address (environmental) challenges and enhance your innovative ideas. For example, autonomous vessels that process data from offshore seaweed farms.

Welcome to SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research organisations based in Norway

03/10/2023 - SINTEF is one of Europe's largest independent research organisations based in Norway. The research groups at SINTEF Ocean and SINTEF Industry have thorough know-how on the whole cultivation, processing, and product cycle of seaweed and carries out research and innovation projects for the seaweed industry.

Welcome to our new Member: BettaF!sh. Known for their seaweed TU-NAH

28/09/2023 - Please welcome our newest North Sea Farmer: BettaF!sh. BettaF!sh is a company based in Germany that produces delicious tuna from seaweed. To save the fish in the ocean and get people used to eating seaweed. They were also winners of this summer's Seaweed Innovation Challenge.

Join the Sector Session 'Can we use seaweed-based plastics to replace SUPs in Europe?'

28/09/2023 - At Thursday 12 October we organise the fact-finding Sector Session on single-use plastics (SUPs): 'Can we use seaweed-based plastics to replace SUPs in Europe?' Members only. 

The 10 Point Action Plan 2030: first step towards the Seaweed Industry Roadmap

26/09/2023 - Last week several members attended the Sector Session on the Seaweed Industry Roadmap. A very useful and constructive session with a lot of good input from the participants, all members of North Sea Farmers. In this article you will find the updated 10-point Action Plan needed to grow the seaweed sector towards 2030.

Valuable lessons from Seagriculture America

22/09/2023 - Last September 6 and 7, Seagriculture in America took place for the second time in Maine. This year there were 293 participants from 185 different countries, which is why the event was bigger than Seagriculture Europe. An educational event, with interesting learnings for the seaweed sector in Europe. An interview with the organization of Seagriculture about the most striking differences and similarities.

Invite to NSF Sector Session:' 'Seaweed Industry Roadmap Action Points'

01/09/2023 - On Thursday 21 September 2023 North Sea Farmers organises a Sector Session for members on the topic 'Seaweed Industry Roadmap Action Points'. These action points will form part of the Seaweed Industry Roadmap that we would like to develop together with you as members.

New member Under Ytan specializing in the seaweed species and conditions of the Baltic Sea

15/08/2023 - Food, farming and marine restoration. These are the three pillars of Under Ytan, a young company specializing in the species and conditions of the Baltic Sea. With a background in sustainability, permaculture, marine restoration and food, Joel and Viktor are aiming to create a food industry with a minimal footprint.  

Starting a seaweed farm? Our new member SEAWISER gives advise

14/08/2023 - Job Schipper has been in the seaweed business since 2008. First as founder of the seed breeding company Hortimare and later as co-founder of North Sea Farmers. He now owns the company SEAWISER, which specialises in consultancy and research for seaweed propagation, hatching and seeding technologies and seaweed cultivation. His drive: to guide seaweed farms so that seaweed farmers don't need to meet and solve the same challenges over and over again  and the sector can finally scale up.

Our new member Jordà Food Group makes surprising toppings

08/08/2023 - Our newest member Jordà is a Belgian food company that develops and produces salty and sweet crumbles, crunches and crispy toppings for various food applications. Amongst food production, Jordà Food Group offers its services in food development by collaborating in the creation, production and commercialization of (seaweed-based) toppings.