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Educate to protect our Ocean

30/11/2020 - Dos started his sea-advocacy with showcasing his beautiful pictures he took during diving. But as time passed, the changes taking place in our ocean required a different approach: "What if you can show the beauty of the ocean, and educate individuals how to live in a way which is positive for the ocean and our planet?" The Sea First Foundation was born. With the credo Educate to Protect, Sea First gives you practical solutions for a healthier ocean.

Bio4safe – important steps towards offshore seaweed cultivation

25/11/2020 - As you might have heard during our online Community Event last month, we have been working in the Interreg project Bio4safe: using seaweed biostimulants to reduce water and fertilizer inputs in agri- and horticulture. Read here what this means for our ambitions to implement large scale seaweed cultivation in the North Sea.

Internship: systems engineer for seaweed cultivation – starting in january 2021

19/11/2020 - Do you get excited about technical aspects of seaweed cultivation and aquaculture? Do you have a passion for sustainability, innovation and technology? Are you committed to realize positive climate impact with seaweed? Then this internship might be perfect for you!

Internship: communication hero - starting in january 2021

19/11/2020 - Do you get excited about seaweed, communication and events? Do you have a passion for sustainability and innovation? Are you committed to realize positive climate impact with seaweed? Then this internship might be perfect for you!

Royal Dirkzwager teams up with North Sea Farmers on our Offshore Test Site

12/11/2020 - Our Offshore Test Site, located 12km off the shore from Scheveningen, is a location dedicated to test all types of innovative ideas in offshore conditions. As you can imagine the Offshore Test Site is a valuable location, not only for gathering knowledge, but also in the sense of material being placed within the test area. This is why North Sea Farmers is happy to have found a partner for making sure that the test site remains a safe area for our pilots: Royal Dirkzwager.

Why isn't there any blue in the logo?

03/11/2020 - After looking at our Noordzeeboerderij logo for 6 years, it must be quote a shock being submerged in our new identity with this bright red and green color scheme. But we didn't do this just to tease you. Or well, maybe we did....

North Sea Farmers commit to climate action

02/11/2020 - For Koen van Swam it all started 6 years ago with cultivating the first kilogram of seaweed from the North Sea. Not with the idea to become commercial farmers. But to unblock the discussion whether it was or wasn’t possible to cultivate seaweed offshore. And it was!

Bio4Safe – Business Model for offshore seaweed cultivation

30/07/2020 - As part of the 2 seas Interreg Bio4safe project, the Noordzeeboerderij and Seaweed Platform member Green Giraffe are collaborating in developing a business model for offshore seaweed cultivation in the North Sea. The model can review the viability of various types of commercial seaweed value chains, and therewith help you to improve your business proposition. By highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a value chain setup at an early stage we aim at easing the start and run of a (more) successful business with locally cultivated seaweeds.

Visit at the NSIL to check up on the IMPAQT pilot

30/07/2020 - Beginning of July, Noordzeeboerderij visited the North Sea Innovation Lab for a large operation with a vessel from Rijkswaterstaat. The purpose of the visit was to repair the communication box (DAS) on our monitoring buoy, inspect the mussel module for possible damage and decommission the remainder of the seaweed module.

Internship: Systems Engineer for seaweed cultivation & aquaculture

20/07/2020 - Are you a university student with an interest in sustainability, innovation and technology? And are you looking for an internship in an impact-driven organisation? Then we are looking for you!