Seaweed Highlights

Internship at North Sea Farmers: Contribute to a Sustainable Future!

27/07/2023 - Are you looking for a challenging internship where you can work on a sustainable and innovative seaweed industry? Do you want to contribute to a better climate, sustainable food production, and a circular economy? Then an internship at North Sea Farmers is perfect for you!

Stage bij North Sea Farmers

27/07/2023 - Ben jij op zoek naar een uitdagende stage waarin je kunt meewerken aan een duurzame en innovatieve zeewiersector? Wil jij je steentje bijdragen aan een beter klimaat, duurzame voedselproductie en een circulaire economie? Dan is een stage bij North Sea Farmers iets voor jou!


26/07/2023 - On July 4th 2023 North Sea Farmers organised a Sector Session for members on the topic 'Sharing & Solving challenges in running commercially viable seaweed farms.' The summary is available now.

Industrializing the seaweed sector to bring eco-positive raw materials to the market at scale

30/06/2023 - North Sea Farmers accelerates the industrialisation of Seaweed production. Seaweed-based raw materials can be used as alternative proteins in food and feed, as bio-stimulants or as a substitute for fossil-based plastic packaging, among many other applications. The story of North Sea Farmers written by the municipality of The Hague and The Hague & Partners.

Meet Arctic Seaweed, who is trying to solve the scaling technology problem for the industry

29/06/2023 - Arctic Seaweed believes that the seaweed industry is here to stay and that there is significant potential to increase volume and a lack of scaling technology. Their mission is to maximise volume as a company, but also as an industry.

Meet KALY GROUP, our new fellow member, who is using seaweed farming to restore our oceans and land

20/06/2023 - KALY, one of our newest members, is a natural capital platform that is working to deliver nature-based solutions to some of society’s largest environmental issues. They work on the reduction of excess nutrients in inshore waters through the farming of seaweed and the restoration of marine biodiversity through projects that support conservation and restoration of key species. An interview with founder Taco van Heusden.

Join the Sector Session 'Sharing & solving challenges in running commercially viable seaweed farms'

19/06/2023 - 6 July from 13:30 - 15:30 we will organise the Sector Session (online) 'Sharing & solving challenges in running commercially viable seaweed farms'. The aim is to share challenges and experiences on this field, and to identify what steps are needed to overcome certain bottlenecks.

Communication internship at North Sea Farmers: Will you be our new communications intern?

12/06/2023 - After the summer, we have room for a communications intern again! Are you passionate about sustainability and innovation? Do you want to use your communication skills to inspire others and create awareness for a better climate? Then the communication internship at North Sea Farmers is for you! Ben jij gepassioneerd over duurzaamheid en innovatie? Wil je je communicatieve vaardigheden inzetten om anderen te inspireren en bewustwording te creëren voor een beter klimaat? Dan is de communicatiestage bij North Sea Farmers iets voor jou!

Press Release: Finalists Seaweed Innovation Challenge known

09/06/2023 - Seaweed Food Solutions, Seaweed & Co., Kelpi and Bettaf!sh won the Seaweed Innovation Challenge by presenting their seaweed-based food and packaging innovations. The pitch contest, which took place on Thursday 8 June at Old Church in Scheveningen, was part of the first edition of North Sea Seaweed, an event organized by the seaweed industry association, North Sea Farmers.

Publication of the recommended design standard for offshore and nearshore seaweed farm

02/06/2023 - To support the seaweed industry North Sea Farmers have taken the initiative to develop a design standard for offshore and nearshore seaweed farms. Together with DNV, Aqitec, Van Oord and with the financial support of Invest-NL we have completed the first step: The 'Recommended design practice for offshore & nearshore seaweed growing systems'. You can now find it on our website.