Our mission



Seaweed will play a crucial role in solving the challlenges the world is facing today. In 2050, the markets for food, feed, biomaterials and biostimulants will use many products with value-added seaweed ingredients. In these markets seaweed will be a game changer for sustainability, food security, health and employment. Today, the industry is largely stuck in a 'no scale - no market' stalemate, making it difficult to develop economically viable business models. North Sea Farmers is committed to breaking this stalemate with its energy, ideas and activities to empower the European seaweed industry towards its 2050 ambitions.

Our mission

Our mission is to represent the interests of the European seaweed industry on a non-profit basis with the ambition to build a large scale and proffesional  seaweed industry within sustainable boundary conditions. 

Empowering the European Seaweed Industry


  • Represent the interests of European seaweed sector towards the European Union, national and local politics
  • Providing information to members, market parties, policymakers and society
  • Initiate high risk projects as evidence and learnings for the sector
  • Identify and establish attractive collaborations between members (network)