current offshore pilots

At the North Sea Farmers Test Site we are able to facilitate pilot initiatives in order for them to demonstrate the viability of seaweed cultivation as well as other forms of multi-use for application within wind farms. 

Below you find our current pilots. These pilots are conducted by different Farmers and each have their own research goals. 


Oceans of Energy together with their project partners MARIN, ECN, TNO part of ECN, ONEBV andTAQA, is testing their design for floating solar to gain insight on how the design works under offshore conditions. Project started in November 2020.

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To upscale the seaweed sector in a sustainable way, we initiated a project that focuses on building a sustainable anchoring system; the foundation of every future sea farm. The anchor holds the sea farm in place, is nature-friendly and built from safe materials.

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De Rijke Noordzee aims to strengthen biodiversity in offshore wind farms at the North Sea by building coastal reefs and spawning oysters: a powerful combination of sustainable energy production and nature development. With their project, they want to develop a blueprint for nature restoration in all offshore wind farms. This requires research on the type of reefs at different locations at the North Sea. One of those location is the North Sea Farmers Test Site. The test period lasts for about 4 years, until 2024. 

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