the biggest offshore test site of Europe!

The Offshore Test Site (OTS) is an innovation hub challenging the boundaries of what's possible, perfectly suited to validate your innovations in the real-world, pushed by the limits of the offshore environment from the North Sea. 

Innovations on our site are in the area of:

  • Food (e.g. seaweed, mussels farming)
  • Nature restoration (e.g. artificial reefs)
  • Energy (e.g. solar and wave energy)

Overview of our latest pilots

Solar DuckImages of Solar Duck’s Merganser and Oceans of Energy

How to get started?

  1. Get in touch and check you plans with the manager of the Offshore Test Site (OTS)
  2. Sign a contract of course
  3. We will guide you into making a work plan that will work within the permit we hold. Once the workplan procedure is done, you can deploy your innovations in the North Sea!

Your innovation will be safe with us!


Imagine a space 12 km off the Scheveningen coast, a vast 6 km² expanse dedicated to incubating start-ups and scale-ups for testing your innovations in offshore conditions.

The NSF Offshore Test Site (OTS) is not only the biggest offshore test site of Europe, it is also an official safety zone. When you want to perform maintenance or other operations on the OTS we will assist you in performing this safely out at sea by informing the Coastguard and all other important stakeholders through our permit to work system. We look forward to having you!




Meet Lennard, our OTS-manager and our expert when it comes to innovation in an offshore environment. He manages the activities at the OTS on a daily basis.


Lennard underlines the necessity of testing in offshore conditions:

"The OTS is a crucial part in the scale-up of offshore solutions that will make positive climate impact"

Contact Lennard