Offshore test site

The essential part of making a change, is to act. That is why we initiated the North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site. With this Offshore Test Site we are piloting and demonstrating all aspects of multi-use of the North Sea.

What is the Offshore Test Site?

The Offshore Test Site (OTS) is a place where new innovations can be tested at sea. The OTS is located 12 km (6,5 N mi) out the coast of Scheveningen. The test side is a breeding ground for start-ups and scale-ups that want to test their innovations in the demanding offshore conditions.

Why the Offshore Test Site?

In line with our mission, “make positive climate impact with seaweed”, North Sea Farmers felt the urge to create space which would allow for businesses to test their newest innovations. Since an essential part of making a change is to act.

How to use the Offshore Test Site?

A permit has been issued to use 6 km2 of North Sea as test site. The OTS is divided into six plots, all plots covering 1km2. The Offshore Test Site is only available for their users, creating a safe environment to test new innovations.

The Offshore Test Site offers you:

  • A permit to perform a pilot in the North Sea
  • A 24/7 guarded area by Royal Dirkzwager
  • Ability to dive and investigate the pilot under water
  • Able to work with North Sea Farmers, who have more than seven years of experience with the Offshore Test Site. Connections with other users – sharing knowledge and experiences with other OTS-users
  • No fishing is allowed within the OTS, creating a safe environment for the pilots
  • Ability to share logistic costs
  • The essential vessels to transport the materials from the mainland to the OTS
  • Access to weather forecast model of Svasek
  • Publicity via the North Sea Farmers network

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