Offshore test site

The essential part of making a change, is to act. That is why we initiated the North Sea Farmers Offshore Test Site. With this Offshore Test Site we are piloting and demonstrating all aspects of multiple usage of the North Sea. These pilots are important steps towards a large scale seaweed cultivation pilot of 1,6km2. All with the long term goal to make impact with seaweed by realizing 400km2 of multi-use offshore seaweed farms!

What is this Test Site exactly?

An offshore site of 6km2(3km x 2km) of North Sea with six research plots of 1km2 each. It is located 12 kilometres off the coast of Scheveningen, The Hague. This is where members of our community meet when testing their innovations in this harsh offshore environment. North Sea Farmers support the pilot projects on the Offshore Test Site with knowledge and experience, local measurement data, logistics, safety and much more.

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Do you have something to test?

The Offshore Test Site is accessible for everybody who wants to pilot new technologies or test blue innovations for upscaling, such as co-use of wind farms. If you want to start commercial activity offshore, this is the place to start!

We are in it for the long term

As North Sea Farmers we have a permit (Waterwet) until 31 December 2028 for using this area of North Sea to accelerate innovations in the field of sustainable multi-use by facilitating and supporting innovative test projects.

Join us in making climate impact with seaweed!

Would you like to know more about this Offshore Test Site, then please contact us!