Eco-anchor: scaling up sustainably

What is the project about?

To upscale the seaweed sector in a sustainable way, we initiated a project that focuses on building a sustainable anchoring system; the foundation of every future sea farm. The anchor holds the sea farm in place, is nature-friendly and built from safe materials.

Why is this important?

Considering the challenges the world currently faces on climate and food production, the Dutch seaweed sector needs to scale up in production locations, technologies, yield and markets. However, this upscaling needs to be done in a sustainable fashion in order to have a healthy future. Both for the sea, nature and the industry. That means we have to define how we can upscale sustainably and develop the needed materials to do so. The anchoring system is an essential part of the sea farm, thus essential for the future of industry to develop this in a nature inclusive way. 

What are the objectives?

  • Develop a design for a nature friendly eco-anchor based on state of the art research
  • Build a prototype of a nature friendly eco-anchor and test in an offshore environment
  • Engage general public in process to create more likeability of Dutch sea farms and it’s seaweed.

What do we do in this project?

We are in the lead of this project; we carry out the research for the design and coordinate the development of the protype. Also, we engage the general public for Dutch sea farms & seaweed.

What are the results so far?

We just started phase 1 of the project, so there are no results yet. Phase 1 focusses on the feasibility of the eco-anchor, phase 2 on implementation and testing a prototype in an offshore environment.

Who else are involved?

This project is supported by the AFAS Foundation. For the development of the eco-anchor several stakeholders related to farming at sea will be consulted and involved, for instance: environment and nature organisations, stakeholders in offshore wind and mooring design.  

Finance: 135.000 (phase 1)
Partners: t.b.d.
Time: Phase 1 09/2019 to 05/2020
Contact: Zinzi
More info: