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Our May inspection of the IMPAQT pilot at the North Sea Innovation Lab

09/06/2020 - There are setbacks in pioneering, and Friday the 29th of May was one of those. We visited the IMPAQT pilot at plot 1 of the North Sea Innovation Lab for a sonar test, sampling of seaweed and inspection of all the deployed installation. After arriving at the IMPAQT pilot we noticed that the seaweed cultivation system was no longer in place.

Hot from the press!

25/05/2020 - As part of the Interreg Bio4safe project, the pilot ‘Biorefinery’ took place in February. The aim of this pilot was to determine the feasibility of using cultivated seaweeds for biostimulant products using press technology.

De Rijke Noordzee: new user on North Sea Innovation Lab

06/05/2020 - Our North Sea Innovation Lab welcomes a new user: De Rijke Noordzee! De Rijke Noordzee aims to restore nature in offshore wind farms. By testing their prototypes at various locations, one of which is our North Sea Innovation lab, they are able to build and improve their nature restoration solutions. We are very excited about this collaboration, since nature restoration in wind farms is an important factor in nature-inclusive multi-use sea farms.

Successful repair after February storms

17/04/2020 - During February the structures at our offshore North Sea Innovation Lab (NSIL) had to face multiple severe storms with waves up to 6 metres high. You can probably imagine these were exciting times for us, but we were also very curious about how the installations had coped with this type of weather.

Corona impact on Seaweed sector: Update 2

26/03/2020 - With the latest measurements the government is taking to limit the Corona outbreak in society, the impact of Corona on the seaweed sector continues. Prepare your organisation for the time to come and visit these links to sort out your situation. Below, you find the most recent articles and news with regard to entrepreneurship in times of Corona. 

Inspection of IMTA pilot at North Sea Innovation Lab

26/03/2020 - On the 16th of March we visited our offshore pilot for the IMPAQT project on the North Sea Innovation Lab. The purpose of this visit was the inspection of all the deployed installations and to perform maintenance on the measurement buoy. We were happy to see that all installations - the seaweed module, the measurement buoy and the mussel module were all still in their original positions after the recent storms Ciara and Dennis. Quite a relief and achievement!

Corona implications for Seaweed sector

19/03/2020 - The Corona outbreak is dominating the news and for good reason. It can affect us as individuals, our loved ones and even our businesses. The amount of information is huge and seems to be changing constantly. To provide some clarity in these highly dynamic circumstances, we present a first overview of how this may impact our sector. For now, we focus on business continuity and changes in the Seaweed Platform events.

Seaweed sample protocol on the way

05/03/2020 - An important milestone within the Food Safety Pilot is within reach: a sample protocol for seaweed! The Food Safety pilot for seaweed is being executed by Wageningen Food Safety Research in collaboration with Noordzeeboerderij, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Future offshore wind farms can host nature-inclusive seaweed farms

13/02/2020 - A new collaboration between the offshore wind industry and the nature-inclusive seaweed sector is a stepping stone for realizing Multi-use sea farms. Ørsted and Stichting Noordzeeboerderij signed a Letter of Intent in which both parties express their intention to combine ‘mooring solutions with nature development in multi-use systems’.

Off to Paris for input on European algae standards

12/02/2020 - Croissants, Eiffel tower and algae? Yes! This week we were in Paris for discussing future European standards on algae and algae products. Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders gathered to discuss the content of several Technical Reports and future European standards on algae (products). We considered it meaningful to come to Paris and represent the (Dutch) seaweed sector.