Seaweed Highlights

Opening match-making session on North Sea Seaweed 2023

26/05/2023 - Only two more weeks until the first edition of the annual Seaweed Event of the Greater North Sea Region: North Sea Seaweed 2023 on June 8th. For the coming event we also offer more external (business) stakeholders and facilitate match making. You can now register for this match-making session.

Meet the 10 finalists of the Seaweed Innovation Challenge

26/05/2023 - This week the finalists of The Seaweed Innovation Challenge have been announced. Ten ambitious and innovative startups from around Europe will pitch their seaweed-based food and packaging innovations during North Sea Seaweed 2023 on June 8 in the Old Church of Scheveningen.

Sector Session about 'Design standard for nearshore and offshore seaweed farms' May 30

12/05/2023 - North Sea Famers organizes the Sector Session (webinar) 'Design standard for nearshore and offshore seaweed farms' on 30 May 13:30-16:00. Fellow members can join this online event.

Pitch your product: Colruyt Group wants to offer seaweed in a fun, hip and tasty way

11/04/2023 - Colruyt Group has long been convinced of the potential of the North Sea as well as the significant economic and social added value of aquaculture projects. The group believes that marine protein sources, such as mussels, oysters and seaweed can provide an answer to the rising demand for balanced and sustainable protein sources.

'People have to get used to the fact that it smells like the sea'

06/04/2023 - ​​​​​​​Caroline Buijsse-Cammaert and Carla van de Vijver of ZJÍ have long known that seaweed is beneficial for your skin. The nomination of their Seaweed Face Treament by Chondrus Crispus for the Dutch Beauty Award feels like an extra recognition for the founders. 'We believe in the natural beauty of seaweed. Apparently, the professional market is now just as enthusiastic about the effect of seaweed on the skin as we are.'

Pitch your product: DS Smith is looking for fibre-based packaging of seaweed

06/04/2023 - He strongly believes in the potential of seaweed in the packaging industry. Jury member of the Seaweed Innovation Challenge, Thomas Ferge (Paper & Board Development Director) from the multinational packaging business, DS Smith plc, is looking for the next big thing in the packaging industry. From the use of seaweed-derived materials as for films in bio-based packaging, as a potential fibre source or fibre-based strength additives.

Nils the Koster of Vlieland cheese has been elected Wadden Sea World Heritage Ambassador

03/04/2023 - Nils the Koster, founder of Vlielander Zeewierkaas, was elected this month as Ambassador Wadden Sea World Heritage of Vlieland. A great opportunity, helping him spread his message about how healthy and delicious seaweed is. 'A spoonful of seaweed is too much for most people, but a piece of cheese with seaweed usually does work. And then you have a conversation...!'

Pitch your innovative seaweed packaging or food product at the Seaweed Innovation Challenge

06/03/2023 - Do you have an innovative packaging or food product made from seaweed? A totally new concept that you think can convince European packaging or food markets? Or an outstanding packaging solution or tasty, nutritious food product already on these markets but it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Then we are looking for you! Join the NSF Seaweed Innovation Challenge and let us help you to get more seaweed onto European markets and to consumers.

Amazon financiert 's werelds eerste zeewierboerderij op commerciële schaal gelegen in een offshore

16/02/2023 - Amazon kondigt vandaag aan dat het 's werelds eerste zeewierboerderij op commerciële schaal tussen offshore windturbines financiert. Het project, bekend als North Sea Farm 1, wordt gebouwd in een windmolenpark op zee voor de kust van Nederland. Het heeft als doel om zeewierteelt te testen en te verbeteren, en tegelijkertijd onderzoek te doen naar het potentieel van zeewierboerderijen om koolstof vast te leggen.

Amazon funds the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located between offshore wind turbines

16/02/2023 -  Amazon today announced it is funding the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm located between offshore wind turbines. The project, known as North Sea Farm 1, will be located in a wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.