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Can seaweed reduce fertilizer in horticulture?

03/10/2019 - For those of you who do not know it yet: seaweed is one of the most used ingredients of biostimulants for plants in horticulture today. They make up about one third of the biostimulant market. Research indicates that seaweed can comply to recently defined EU legislation on biostimulants, which would allow for their continued use as a biostimulant source in the European Union. This may indicate that seaweed can provide a solution to the challenge of reducing traditional fertilizer use, as well as improving the water-use efficiency of crops. That is why the European project Bio4safe has initiated a research program to further investigate the potency of seaweed in horticulture.

A large void

24/09/2019 - It is with great sadness and grief that we heard about the passing of John van Leeuwen, CEO of Seaweed Harvest Holland, as a consequence of a tragic accident Saturday the 14th of September, at the Schelphoek in the province of Zeeland.

A Life Cycle Analysis of seaweed for food: a unique insight into the eco-footprint

13/08/2019 - Globally, the food sector is the largest industrial sector and consumes most of the world’s energy. A projected population growth and increase in calorie intake per capita will result in the expansion of our agricultural systems and so will have increasingly negative effects on our global environments Thus, “improving food production and consumption systems is at the heart of every discourse on sustainable development from both environmental and socio-economic perspectives” (Notarnicola et al., 2017, p.  399).

Seaweed for feed

03/05/2019 - Seaweed for feed? Yes. Seaweed has many potential uses as an additive in livestock feed, ranging from methane reduction to improved nutrient uptake and less need for antibiotics. Alongside differing in habitat, growth rate and pigmentation, the range of seaweed species also contain different compounds, varying their effectiveness as additives in feed. All of these factors must be taken into account before substantial action can be taken.