Optimising large-scale sowing with the project ZeewierSEEDER


Not so long ago, seaweed farmers used to sow their ropes or nets by hand. Something that is not very efficient for large-scale seaweed cultivation. The ZeewierSEEDER project is therefore working on optimising large-scale sowing of seaweed nets, which can be done on a smaller and more controllable scale.

A good way for gathering new information to make the seeding method for cultivating offshore seaweed more efficient and reliable.

After several tests this year, machine seeding and placing of seaweed nets finally took place at Boeg Nautic in Scheveningen early this month. An exciting moment! Later that day, the seaweed nets were hung out at the Seaweed Farm at Zeewaar in Zeeland.

Specially developed seeder

The seeder used at ZeewierSEEDEER was specially developed by Boeg b.v. constructiewerken, and is suitable for use on offshore vessels. C.I.V. Den Oever U.A. develops the seaweed nets from material suitable for offshore seaweed cultivation.

Hortimare supplies the seeding material, advises on seeding technology and also brought the longline seeder, so as to compare our technology with Hortimare's. The Seaweed Company is making the site available and will also keep track of how the seaweed growth is progressing.

Late deployment

The consortium within the project is currently preparing for the next test, a late deployment in the new year. On the advice of Hortimare, this will be hung out next to a mussel farmer, where the clarity of the water will benefit seaweed growth and direct seeding results.

This project was made possible with support from the province of South Holland.