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BettaF!sh - True Tuna Alternative

BettaF!sh from Germany creates plant-based tuna made from seaweed that looks like tuna, tastes like tuna, works like tuna, but "doesn’t cost a fortuna". Secondly, they want to save the fish in the ocean and get people used to eating seaweed. BettaF!sh was one of the four winners of the Seaweed Innovation Challenge 2023.

Main activities

BettaF!sh wants to replace products in our kitchens with seaweed. Now they are doing that with TU-NAH in the supermarket, but eventually they want to have a bigger impact by focusing on white label and B2B.

The TU-NAH launch was the showcase that they can replace fish with a seaweed-based product. They are now working on many new fish species. Their goal is to invest in research and development to start and scale production of these other species, so that they can develop seaweed-based alternatives for all food categories. Ultimately, they want to expand the range of fish species, soon launching their second fish species, a plant-based salmon.

Simultaneously, they want to go back to seaweed as an ingredient. They want to apply for some research grants to look at the development of seaweed as an ingredient so that they can build our own flavour toolkit. This will allow them to develop whatever we want in the future.

Read the interview with BettaF!sh here: Welcome to our new Member: BettaF!sh. Known for their seaweed TU-NAH - North Sea Farmers.




Winners of the Seaweed Innovation Challenge

In June 2023, BettaF!sh won the Seaweed Innovation Challenge organised by North Sea Famers in partnership with Brave New Food. It was selected by the Colruyt Group from 30 participants.