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Erasmus MC

For a healthy future

Erasmus MC is the University Hospital of Rotterdam with a special laboratory establishing how lipids contribute to certain diseases. And how extracts from for instance seaweed can help in prevention and counteraction.

Main activities

The laboratory of vascular medicine is one the of the laboratories of the department of internal medicine at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center. The main mission of the department of internal medicine laboratories is to “pioneer innovation in research, education and care by bringing science to the patient”. The aim of my laboratory is to establish how exactly lipids contribute to cardiometabolic diseases and to Alzheimer’s disease and by what kind of interferences in lipid metabolism this can be prevented or counteracted. A favorite topic is research on the potential of seaweed-derived phytosterols, that activate liver x receptors (LXR) in the battle against the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 




Within the SALZ-project (Seaweed-based products to defeat Alzheimer's disease) the potential of seaweed extracts in the prevention, retardation and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease will be explored the under the direction of Dr. Monique Mulder.