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Healthy Seaweed Co Limited

Healthy Seaweed Co Limited

Healthy Seaweed Co Limited is a social enterprise in Tanzania that processes and produces seaweed products that can be added to food and consumed directly. Their aim is to promote healthy living through the local consumption of seaweed and to increase the income of women seaweed farmers in Tanzania.

Main activities

Healthy Seaweed Co Limited is trying to bring awareness to the people about seaweed, how it is farmed and how the people who are involved. Theitr main activities are turning seaweed into food, training seaweed farmers on how to get a good harvest and how to innovate so they can earn more. They work with 130 farmers on Zanzibar and on the Mainland, Kilwa.

In Tanzania, 80 percent of seaweed farmers are women, and there are hurdles of innovation, market exploitation, low prices and awareness of how people should include seaweed as a staple food or daily supplement. So HSC is trying to get the local people to include seaweed in their daily diet.

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