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Kaly Group

KALY Group

KALY is a natural capital platform that is working to deliver nature-based solutions to some of society’s largest environmental issues. We work on the reduction of excess nutrients in our waterways through the farming of seaweed and the restoration of marine biodiversity through the active hatching of species vital for healthy oceans. To achieve that, KALY works together with local communities.

Main activities

> Cleaning up the oceans and land through seaweed farming (through nutrient sequestration and processing seaweed into biostimulants).

> Working on marine capital by setting up biorestoration projects with oysters.

> Developing a method of crediting farmers who use seaweed-based biostimulants. 

Working together with local communities

They work with local fishermen who will bring their experience of working with local bays, lochs and local marine features. These skills will be used by KALY during the quieter fishing months when seaweed activity is at its peak. KALY will provide the investment for all training, farm infrastructure and a guaranteed income.  

Seaweed farm

In the spring of 2023 KALY is growing 440 hectares of seaweed in vertical integration. They intend to become a leader in the cultivation of seaweed. They believe the way to do this is through a forensic approach to quality, a transparent and supportive approach to partnership and a desire to improve and enhance each marine environment where they establish a farm.