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Koastal equips fisherman to cultivate seaweed


Koastal equips fishermen and sea enthusiasts to set up, operate and expand seaweed farms during the low season. To help them, Koastal aggregates and certifies their seaweed production to result in the best product-market fit for large-scale buyers.

Main activities

Koastal mainly help fishermen to set up, operate and scale seaweed farms. Their aim is to decentralise the value chain, particularly in the production of seaweed. They focus on ensuring that each activity is carried out by the party that can do it best.

At Koastal, they specialize in selecting sites, applying for permits, and designing the rigs that assist fishermen. Koastal educates them on seeding, monitoring, and harvesting. At the end of the year, they also guarantee payment.

After harvest, they stabilize the seaweed. Their focus is on enhancing their expertise in stabilization techniques, such as freezing, fermentation, and chemical preservation. 

Once stabilized, they bring the seaweed to market. Their primary goal provide cost-efficient seaweed as a commodity. Readt the interview with Koastal here: Member Koastal equips fishermen to cultivate seaweed - North Sea Farmers