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Standardization Committee Algae and algae products

In order to contribute to a sustainable future, it is important to make agreements and set clear standards for algae and algae products. The NEN supports the development of these national standards.

Main activities

The NEN standards committee is the point of contact for Dutch stakeholders. It supports the national standards development activities and ensures that input of its stakeholders is brought up with the relevant technical international committees of ISO and CEN. In the Netherlands, standards are set in the Dutch standardization committee 'Algae and algae products'. Currently, 20 CEN Standardards/Technical Reports are being developed. This includes the complete algae and algae product chain (from production via intermediates towards final products) and is spread out in different industries where the main focus currently lies on in the field of food, feed and aquaculture. The Dutch standardization committee is actively participating in the development of the European agreements. Furthermore, the committee functions as a knowledge platform on standards in the field of algae.