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Ocean Rainforest

Sustainable Nordic Seaweed

Cultivating seaweed in pristine ocean waters, improving people’s wellbeing and making a unique contribution to a blue regeneration on our planet.

Main activities

Ocean Rainforest is a limited company located in the Faroe Islands producing seaweed in open ocean cultivation installations. The company has developed a structural system for macroalgae cultivation in open oceans and related on-shore processes for bringing the seaweed into a storage stable condition. The offshore MacroAlgae Cultivation Rig (MACR) developed by Ocean Rainforest has since 2010 proven itself to be the state-of-the-art offshore seaweed cultivation system in the world with higher growth rates and lower cost than other known offshore systems for similar seaweed species. The system is scalable, survivable, the growth is predictable and sustainable. Since 2014 Ocean Rainforest has supplied the European food and feed market with high quality seaweed products.



Their vision

Ocean Forest’s vision is to substantially multiply food production from the sea in a sustainable manner by harvesting species from lower down in the food chain. This vision will reduce the footprint caused by production of fish while generating significant volumes of raw materials for human consumption, for feed and for clean energy and at the same time representing a substantial absorption of CO2. 

See a video about that here: Ocean Forest (