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Oceans of Energy

Floating solar at sea

The first - and only - company in the world operating an Offshore Solar farm in high waves.

Main activities

Oceans of Energy is the worldwide leader in offshore solar, the first company in the world to install & operate an offshore solar farm system in high wave conditions. It is located in the North Sea, the roughest sea in the world, and has survived many storms including four named storms/extratropical cyclone Ciara, Dennis, Bella since its deployment in 2019. They are now expanding this to a multi megawatt scale. Their vision is to deliver offshore solar farms to coastal areas and islands, bringing abundant, clean and affordable energy worldwide.



UNITED, Offshore Test Site

The UNITED project aims to promote the multiple uses of the oceans by launching demonstration projects. In doing so, many technical, regulatory, economic, social and environmental requirements and effects are thoroughly examined.

In plot 2 of the Offshore Test Site, Oceans of Energy together with their project partners MARIN, ECN, TNO part of ECN, ONEBV and TAQA, is testing their design for floating solar to gain insight on how the design works under offshore conditions. Project started in November 2020.