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Under Ytan

Specialised in the seaweed species and conditions in the Baltic Sea

Under Ytan is Finnish/Åland Island company with three pillars: food, farming and marine restoration in and around the special conditions of the Baltic Sea.

Main activities

Food, farming and marine restoration. These are the three pillars of Under Ytan, a young company specializing in the species and conditions of the Baltic Sea. With a background in sustainability, permaculture, marine restoration and food, Joel and Viktor are aiming to create a food industry with a minimal footprint.  

Under Ytan aims to be one of the leading partners when it comes to combining seaweed farming, artificial ecosystems, marine restoration and nature-integrated design in offshore wind farms and coastal areas in the Baltic Sea. 

Founders Joel Lindholm and Viktor Eriksson have recently started a pilot with 4 different artificial reefs for Baltic conditions, among the others put out earlier this season. In August 2023 they started building their first prototype seaweed farm for growing Ulva. 

Founder Joel Lindholm says: 'Seaweed is the least polluting food and biomass. We know it will be hard, but we hope to create a food industry that is almost carbon neutral. Especially if we also work in marine restoration.’

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