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Wavy Wonders

Healthy and filling seaweed snacks

Wavy Wonders makes healthy and filling seaweed snacks in Wild Garlic & Yoghurt, Sea Salt and Chilli & Berry flavours.

Main activities

'The idea of a filling snack that makes us feel good is the world we want to live in. It becomes a replacement for a protein bar in the afternoon, or a raw bar, or a bag of nuts. A lot of the existing seaweed snacks similar to chips and they add a little seaweed, which has a lot of potential. We are trying to be a bit different.'

Wavy Wonders uses 13 percent of Norwegian dry winged kelp in it's snacks, which makes them very filling & hleatlthy. They also use seeds in it: chia, flax, seaeme and quinoa. Read the interview here: Wavy Wonders makes filling snacks we feel good about - North Sea Farmers.