What we have to offer


Dedicated partnerships

Every aspect of the seaweed value chain is represented in the community: an extremely wide array of interests, activities and challenges. As North Sea Farmers we can help you understand the value chain and who is doing what. Our network extends as follows:

  • More than 100 paying member organisations: > 40 internationally operating companies, almost all Dutch wind farm operators, Universities and knowledge institutes
  • > 1,000 stakeholder contacts in Europe
  • EU and Dutch governmental and regulatory stakeholders
  • Nature, fishery and aquaculture NGOs
  • Standardisations & certification committees

member consultancy

With 8 years of experience on markets, technologies and regulations, we have built a solid knowledge base to support your business. Either we will help you directly or we will find you someone  from our network who can. How we work:

  • Membership includes initial support with questions or issues
  • In case of more complex questions (>8h time investment), members are offered a significantly reduced hourly rate
  • If structural operational support is needed we will help with match-making within our network
  • Our main drivers are your long-term success and the valuable long-term relationship with you as a member of the seaweed sector.

a solid knowledge base 

North Sea Farmers is involved in all aspects of the seaweed value chain. We capture and summarise a broad spectrum of information for you to use as a member. Because we are in constant contact with our members, we know what is relevant. Just contact us or explore our online library, which is for members only. Here, you will find more than 400 seaweed related articles, presentations and documents on seaweed and multi-use. And it is constantly growing. This library is for members only. 

These are examples of topics and projects we are currently involved in:

  • Seaweed cultivation (offshore): all members can make use of our research plots for offshore testing. Read more here
  • Co-use in offshore wind farms & permit applications
  • Certification and standardisation (NEN/CEN)
  • Subsidy project proposals and executions
  • Project (pilot) management, f.e. seaweed extraction processes
  • Joint investment projects with supply chain partners
  • Food, Feed, Biostimulant markets
  • Innovative seaweed markets (medical, biomaterials, proteins, energy, etc.)

Lobby and stakeholder management

On a daily basis, we represent the sector towards and provide policy input to a wide array of stakeholders. We are part of multiple stakeholder groups, steering committees, advisory boards and partnerships on different levels and topics: marine aquaculture, food transition, circular economy, nature inclusive farming, etc.

Stakeholders are for example: governments on local, national and European level, international research institutes, related sector organisations and coalitions and regulatory and standardisation institutions in Europe (NEN/CEN, biostimulants, etc.)



Inspiration, knowledge exchange and an expanding network

This is how North Sea Farmers keeps you on your toes and in touch with eachother:

  • Cross-company dilemmas are addressed in our thematic work groups, called Sector Sessions. Read more about these Sector Sessions.
  • We offer larger networking events twice a year with inspiring guests, presentations and workshops. And of course with ample opportunity to connect to fellow members. 
  • Our newsletter will enter your mailbox monthly and keeps you up-to-date on relevant news from members and the sector as a whole

Yes, I want to join


convinced? Then join us! 

The membership requires a yearly contribution that we invest in the seaweed sector and also gives you and your colleagues free access to all the benefits of being a North Sea Farmer.  An annual fee is required to become a member, depending on the number of employees your organisation consists of:

  • Micro-company / organisation (<10 employees): €495 p/year
  • Small company / organisation (<50 employees) €1,400 p/year
  • Medium company / organisation (<250 employees) €3,250 p/year
  • Large company / organisation (>250 employees) €7,000 p/year

Organisations with Public Benefit Status (NGOs) receive a 25% discount. Rates valid for 2022.

Besides all these earthly benefits, you will become a proud North Sea Farmer. This means that you are committed to working towards climate impact with seaweed  and by doing so, you are officially part of the solution. We even have a special logo for you to use in your communication and PR-activities!


Yes, I want to join