Our team

Our team consists of young pioneers who crave innovation and are committed to working on sustainability. From technology experts to business developers, from market sensitives to straight-up science enthusiasts. Let's meet the team!

Eef Brouwers
Manager Farming & Technology

If we are going to build something, Eef is our guy. With an electrical engineering background, he knows his way in the world of innovation. He needs innovation like oxygen. Eef was one of the first people involved at North Sea Farmers, he is mainly responsible for the primary production part and offshore operations. 

Zinzi Reimert
Manager Offshore Test Site & Interim manager

Zinzi is a force to be reckoned with. Before, she worked as a system engineer on innovations for the energy transition, fitting her background in Structural Engineering. As a coordinator of the Offshore Test Site, she is responsible for activities and project development related to the multi-use of windfarms. Zinzi is multi-use in human form.

Maite de Medeiros
Coordinator Seaweed Markets

Maite has many years of working experience in interdisciplinary and multi-cultural settings as a consultant in the offshore energy industry. After investigating about a new role to play in times where fast paced changes are required, she found her answer on seaweed. With her combined background in ocean/geosciences & sustainable development, her goal is to contribute to a society where both planet and people thrive! This she brings into North Sea Farmers when coordinating the seaweed markets for non-food/feed applications.

June Kromjongh
Senior Advisor Communication & Community

June loves to tell stories. After working for newspapers, the government and running her own communications agency, June decided that it was time for something new. As a communication specialist with a green heart, who lives close to the beach, she always wandered what she could do with all that seaweed. In her role here at North Sea Farmers, she found the perfect place to find an answer and help the seaweed sector. 

Bram naves
Junior Fundraiser 

Bram wants to make North Sea Farmers as future-proof and sustainable as possible by working to build the community. Connecting organisations and individuals to the seaweed story is what motivates and drives Bram every day. He believes that seaweed is a keystone in a regenerative and circular economy, while supporting ecosystems and biodiversity.

Monique Veenker-le Bruijn
Business Controller

Monique is our tower of strength when it comes to keeping our pioneering ambitions financially viable. Always keeping her cool, she manages to navigate our project finances from foggy conditions to clear horizons. 

Aranka Kolmas

Aranka Kolmas is studying Aquaculture and Marine Resources Management in Wageningen. During her internship she will put her aquaculture knowledge to the test and get involved with automatic seeding and remote sensing in offshore seaweed farms. At the same time she looks forward to learning about the economic and policy sides of this booming new sector. 

Jip Huges

Jip Huges is studying Nutrition & Dietetics at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In this internship she will be focussing on the application of seaweed within the field of nutrition. During her studies, her interest in innovations and solutions for a more sustainable world has grown. Naturally, seaweed is a perfect example of this! 

Anouk Florentinus - chairman

With a broad and extensive expercience in innovation management, Anouk is our much appreciated chairman of the Advisory Board. Developing the seaweed sector has much resemblance to growing the sustainable energy sector, which is her focus at Vattenfall.

Martijn van Dam

Martijn has a background working at the House of Representatives of the Dutch Government, specialized in climate, food, ICT, innovation. Next to his current role as member of the Board of the Dutch Foundation for Publlic Broadcasting (NPO), he is a member of our Advisory Board.