Next generation: from suspicious to delicious! 


On November 1st, the World Water Challenge (WWC) took place in Madurodam! This is an initiative of Top Sector Water & Maritime to introduce students to work with, in and around water.

This year, a thousand high school students were challenged to get to know the importance of the Dutch civil, maritime and water technology sector. We were invited to represent the Dutch seaweed sector, an emerging and important player in the Dutch water and marine sector!

During the day, we introduced our young future to the versatility and potential of seaweed through a set of activities. Not only did they learn about the ins and outs of the seaweed world through quizzes with wonderful prizes; they were also able to see, smell and taste different seaweed species. For many, this was their first experience with seaweed.

In the cooking workshop, they prepared a delicious seaweed pesto, which they got to taste in combination with a seaweed wrap filled with fresh greens. Whilst at first many students were suspicious about the deliciousness of seaweed, as soon as they tasted the pesto and wrap, they agreed that seaweed is a future food. So, it’s fair to say that it was a successful day!

We had a lot of fun introducing the seaweed sector to the next generation! More info on