Installing our brand new Seaweed module! 


Yesterday, we installed our brand new seaweed cultivation model: SMAC3.0. Also known 'Scalable Macro Algae Cultivation module' 3.0. A brand new module in our offshore North Sea Innovation Lab.

What is the difference between the 2.A and the 3.0 module you ask? Offshore Eef: "The 3.0 combines the robustness that our former SMAC module showed, with the ability to mechanize installation and harvesting. The new module is therefore scalable because it allows for automation. Our former module did not. We can't wait for May and test harvesting machines!"

The seaweed of the SMAC2.A module has been harvested in May this year. While the construction remained at the North Sea Innovation Lab until the start of the new sowing season, it has been filled with life. The module is a goldmine for mussels: their weight even pulled the installation below the water surface. "In the upcoming weeks, we will clean the old module and replace seeded cultivation lines in the module for the next seaweed season as well, next to the SMAC 3.0" says Eef.