World first: Seaweed cultivation within an offshore wind park


Noordzeeboerderij is, together with the Flemish-Dutch Interreg project 'Wier&Wind', working towards climate impact with seaweed! Because of a unique collaboration with offshore wind park Norther, the project consortium will be able to test scalable seaweed cultivation for the next two years within a Belgian wind park: an important step towards the realisation of multiple use on the North Sea.

Togeher with 6 partners we are working on developing a large-scale, automated seaweed production system that is safe, sustainable, ecologically sound and offshore-proof. It also needs to be suitable for functioning within offshore wind farms. Noordzeeboerderij is proud to be part of this world first and is looking forward to working together with other Nort Sea countries. 

Please read the press release here, issued July 15 2020.