North Sea Farmers commit to climate action


Global movement North Sea Farmers commits to realize a positive climate impact with seaweed and starts reducing 1.6mln tons of CO2.

For me it all started 6 years ago with cultivating the first kilogram of seaweed from the North Sea together with Marcel Schuttelaar, Job Schipper, Eef Brouwers and Marlies Draisma. Not with the idea to become commercial farmers. But to unblock the discussion whether it was or wasn’t possible to cultivate seaweed offshore. And it was!
Since then our actions, collaborations and ambitions have grown into goals that are part of the Dutch Climate Accords and connect to UN SDGs and EU Green Deal. We made progress and made sure that seaweed has been put on the agenda, as part of the solution.

My story has become a shared story of our community. It is not about one kilogram or one farm anymore. It is about creating a movement. A movement of people from governmental institutions, wind park operators, educational institutions, retailers, seaweed farmers, fishermen, engineers, processors, marine biologists and many more. We are all in this together.

During this year, amidst of a pandemic, we reflected. We feel such a strong urgency for change: CO2 emissions are rising and our climate is changing... Are we making enough progress? Are we playing our part towards our community? Are our ambitions tangible enough? We are in the red. We need serious action! These reflections have lead to some significant changes: in the way we look, the way we talk and the way we behave.

We feel strongly about our cause. With cultivated seaweed, instead of causing carbon emissions, we can reduce up to 1,6 million tons of carbon dioxide. That is massive! And we are saving fresh water while we are at it. On top of that, we are a driving force to improve marine biodiversity and realize a circular economy.

As a community, we showcase seaweed concepts that create a positive climate impact. Because we need practical and real solutions. That is why from 2023, we aim to cultivate 1,000 tons of seaweed on the North Sea by connecting over 100 idealistic, but very realistic North Sea Farmers. And you can part of it. Join our movement to realize a positive climate impact with seaweed together!

Koen, North Sea Farmer