Why isn't there any blue in the logo?


Yes, and it is also quite red isn't it? And there is no seaweed in it...

After 6 years of pioneering in seaweed we started to notice that the name we had so long carried with pride, did not fit us properly anymore. Our community has grown into an extremely diverse crowd and by now, we speak English most of the time. Our eagerness to pioneer, our DNA, our values and our solidarity with our community was not reflected enough by the way we looked, talked and behaved.

Something needed to change and it wasn't just the climate.

We talked, we sketched, we picked some fights, we talked some more. We knew that we needed to express the motivations that connect all of us - our community and our team. What we wanted was radical. We wanted to walk the walk on climate action. Why? Because the climate is in the red. And therefor are we. 

This is why we reflect our state of urgency in our visual identity. We want to be bold and in your face. We want to tease you every time you look at us to keep you on your toes. There is no time to sit back and relax...

But as you can see, there is also a variation of green in our logo. These different greens reflect improvements, solutions. Our beliefs. When we demonstrate our climate solutions, talk about our pioneering work, show our community, we will pick green. 

Our ultimate ambition is to, one day, turn this logo from red to green. With combined efforts, expertise and enthusiasm of you, our community, and all of our stakeholders. Because North Sea Farmers work towards climate action with seaweed!

Please read our manifesto here: we are very eager to hear if you feel that you share our DNA