World first: Combining offshore seaweed and solar energy production


We are very proud to share that we have world’s first offshore seaweed and solar energy production combined on our Offshore Test Site. This site is located 12km off the coast of Scheveningen. The harbour of Scheveningen is the base of both projects and the installation is a joint effort with contractors from the port area. Projects like these are very important steps towards multi-use seaweed farms in the North Sea.

The Seaweed Company and Oceans of Energy are two of our pioneering North Sea Farmers, who are eager to scale-up innovative developments. As part of the European project UNITED a pilot has been set up to combine seaweed and solar energy production. On our offshore test lab we are demonstrating that sustainable multi-use of sea can be done.

These, and all our other North Sea Farmers, are working towards 400km of offshore seaweed cultivation in 2030. Important steps such as these are crucial to show the viability of the seaweed sector.

Please read the full press release here (in Dutch)