Introducing: Lobster Robotics



Who are you and what is Lobster Robotics? 

We at Lobster Robotics are a startup built by TU Delft engineers offering environmental monitoring services to provide insights into the growth of seaweed and the condition of your valuable infrastructure. 

What makes Lobster Robotics a North Sea Farmer? 

Our mission is to make ocean research & monitoring accessible and scalable. With the help of our Lobster Scout, a highly versatile and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle(AUV), we can accommodate the needs of farmers to perform low-cost underwater inspections. This takes away the need to work with expensive, heavy, ROV equipment that require complex planning, operations and budget.  

What could other North Sea Farmers approach you for?  

Currently we can provide visual and magnetic surveys and inspections, and the types of use cases will broaden as we continue to develop and learn. Our AUV has a modular design such that other sensors can be easily integrated without requiring a completely new vehicle. This allows us to anticipate the needs of farmers as they evolve. The Scout can stay in position, even in heavy currents, through our full hovering capability. Answers are obtained fast and efficiently through easy mission planning, launch & recovery and automated post-processing. 

What does North Sea Farmers mean to you? 

We’ve joined the North Sea Farmers because Lobster Robotics is a farmer of underwater data, which we use to accelerate the information cycle from question to answer. We aim to help the North Sea Farmers to get insight into the health, yield, maintenance needs of their plots in a low-cost and low effort manner.  

What is your greatest wish for the future regarding seaweed?  

Lobster Robotics wants to see farmed seaweed in Europe overtake wild harvest and to expand cultivation plots across the North Sea to help in rebuilding biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. We believe a sustainable and blue future can come from the development of aquaculture and innovation in the usages of seaweed. 

We will more than welcome other North Sea Farmers to approach us for partnerships or pilot trials as we continue to develop our technology and services. We want to help make seaweed monitoring in Europe scalable and affordable. As we specialize our AUVs to accommodate the needs of farmers for both yield prediction surveys and maintenance surveys, we would like to hear from farmers what their wishes are for our services to provide.  

We are currently setting up tests to optimize the technology for seaweed farmers. For participating farmers this means that we will test the Lobster Scout in your operation, gather data on the farm and provide you with insights right away. If you enjoy trying out new technologies and are interested in testing this service in your operation Let’s see if we’re a match; Don’t hesitate to reach out!